How to Do Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose)? Benefits of Sarvangasana (Reduce Hairfall, Thyroid, Headache Relief)

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Sarvangasana – Yoga Asana     Yoga is a great approach when it comes to working on strength and flexibility. Not only is this art meant for those wanting to meditate or touch their toes, but it works good for everyone else too and all can practice it. Yoga – the focus Some types of yoga focus on relaxation, while others emphasise on movement. Most of the types of yoga centre around the learning poses, known as ‘asanas’. These further pay more attention on the aspects or techniques of breathing. Yoga for Flexibility The stretching of the muscles take place as you work on the yoga poses . So these bring about better flexibility and you feel less tired or lesser stiffness. Sarvangasana – Introduction   The word Sarvangasana is […]

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