Everything you need to know about Protines – Health Benefits of Proteins

By Himanshu JoshiYogahealth, protines

Proteins are required for the proper development of our body and the world protein means first in importance. They are conglomerates of phosphorus, sulfur, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. and a deficient supply of proteins to the body will couple the body to eat its own muscles so that all vital organs continue to function in a normal way. The main function of proteins is to grow, repair, and maintain the organs and tissues of the body. In order to facilitate the assimilation of proteins, the body releases amino acids which are more than 70 in number. Enzymes break the proteins into amino acids which, in turn, help proteins to get absorbed into the bloodstream, out of 70 amino acids, 10 are considered essential for the purpose and such essential amino […]

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