Prenatal Yoga: 6 best yoga asanas for pregnant women. Preparation & Precautions; Do’s and Dont’

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Pregnancy is a transformative and distinct phase in any woman’s life where the expecting mother prepares her body and mind to bring another life to the world. She often undergoes a mixed feeling of exhilaration, anxiety and uncertainty over doing the right things for her developing fetus. There is advice galore from all her near and dear ones to a pregnant woman who keep advising her about the Do’s and Don’ts to be followed for a healthy child. The expecting mother’s body is changing with each passing day and in the middle of all these physical and hormonal changes, self care assumes paramount importance for the wellness of both mother and fetus. Eating right food with nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamins, folic acid is important to nourish the body.  While […]

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