Grivasana (Neck pose)

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In Sanskrit “Griva” means “Neck”, “Asana” means “Posture”. The English name is “Neck Pose”.   Position : Supine Type : Balancing Spiritual Awareness : Vishuddhi and Manipura Chakra Physical Awareness : Neck and pelvic region Dosha Suitability : Kapha Introducery Asanas : Paschimottanasana   Procedure: 1. Lie flat on the back. 2. Bend the knees and bring the heels up to touch the buttocks. Inhale deeply. 3. The knees and feet should be slightly separated. 4. Place the palms on the ground on either side of the head level with the temples. 5. Retaining breath, push down on the hands and feet and raise the trunk, placing the crown of the head on the floor. 6. Balance on the head and feet. 7. Raise the arms and cross them on the chest. 8. This […]

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