“Namaste” – Details + Defination + How to Do Namaste Pose

By Yoga Asananamaste

Yoga is a subject not just limited to postures, but extends beyond to a spiritual discipline and practice. It can be considered as a legacy that has been passed down since generations via the holy scriptures – the “Sutras” and is comparable to other sacred texts such as the ‘Quran’ or the ‘Bible’. Some of the ancient texts that mention and discuss the subject of yoga include the Upanishads (the first of the holy scriptures that talks about yoga), and the Yoga Sutras (written by Sage Patanjali later) which gives the subject a defined system also known as “as the eight limbs of yoga.” All of these yoga texts happened to be originally scripted in the language Sanskrit. Hence, in a yoga class the words that are heard by you […]

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