5 Benefits Of Doing Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

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Do you yearn for some change in your routine life or want to make your practice more consistent while adopting a healthier lifestyle? Then learn more about the benefits of the ‘yoga of awareness’- Kundalini yoga. An ancient yogic practice, this powerful source of energy can transform your life. Here’s how: 1. Kundalini Yoga – eradicating the obstructions in your energy field. Kundalini Yoga is a miraculous science using the therapy of sound, energy,mantra, exercise and meditation to let go off disturbances from the active body, that environs the physical body. Many individuals feel trapped in spite of having done whatever possible to shape their lives the way they desire . Kundalini Yoga is said to be a ‘technological wonder’ converting the impossible to possible via the laws of energy […]

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