Iyengar Yoga – Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About

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Iyengar Yoga Learn About Iyengar Yoga: Poses, Asanas & Sequences   The series of poses that focuses on the physical alignment of the body it is called as Iyengar Yoga. Research has proved that Iyengar Yoga improves strength, flexibility, and greater peace of mind. It also helped in the ailments of arthritis and bi-polar diseases; it is good for physical therapy patients. One can use props, blankets, cushions, belts, blocks, benches, sandbags, etc. to make Iyengar Yoga more comfortable and help its practitioner to perform it easily. These props avoid the chances of any risk of injury or strain.     Origin of Iyengar yoga B.K.S. Iyengar invented the Iyengar yoga in India. He was one of the renowned yoga teachers in the world. Krishnamacharya who was the Father of Modern […]

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