Factors Necessary For Performance of Yoga Asanas

By Yogafamily, problems

Yoga is not exclusively meant for the benefits of saints, ascetics and mystics. It, in fact, serves to benefit all and one alike but the accrual of benefits and time take to attain the desired result will depend on sincerity, regularity, patience will to learn and perform. Burning desire to learn is the main driving force behind yoga, besides faith, confidence and tenacity. It is a complete, dependable and time-tested discipline and to derive optium benefits, following points deserve to be borne in mind. One should not nurture any ill-will, tension orinimical feeling. Apply yourself fully in the yogic sadhana and practice, forgetting worries and cares. Your mind should be in a happy and peaceful state, while you embark upon performing asanas. Try to overcome what ails you physically and […]

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