Shamanism and drumming – Defination, healing and how to do?

By Yogadrumming, shamanism

Shamanism and drumming is the oldest spiritual path in the world that connects to the practical strategies to survive. It is a path based on nature – a cross cultural path that embodies spiritualism, and is practiced worldwide. It believes in the concept that everyone can have access to spirits and that there is no need of any hierarchical structure. History of Shamanism- The origin of Shamanism as a practice Which era Shamanism actually started in practice is a secret untold as per ancient history. The natural healers, yoga, medicine men and those who were presumed to have connections with powers and spirits are said to be documented in history since the past 20 to 30,000 years! The word ‘Shamanism’ is said to have been derived from ‘saman’ (manchu-tungus word) […]

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