What is Yoga? Everything you need to know about yoga

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The term yoga stands for unity or joining of two aspects which are self and God or in other words construed to mean of mind and body. It is a misnomer to label yoga as a merely a science of physical exercises. Lord Shiva (meaning Kalyana or welfare) is said to be the deity who unravelled mystics and intricacies of yoga for the welfare of human beings. Lord Krishna is called a yogiraj due to the fact that his own self was a cohesion of body, mind and intellect. He enunciated through the legendary epic. The Gita, the theories of Gyan (True knowledge), Karma (Action) and Bhakti (devotion) – If a person wishes to attain Nirvana (Salvation or liberation) he has the options of Gyan, Bhakti and karma to choose […]

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