Introduction to Pranayama Breathing – Types of Pranayama

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As the name suggests, Pranayama is made of two words prana and Ayama. While prana refers to the life force, Ayama means to regulate. Prana is the force that keeps the body alive. It lets the various organs function without which the body will perish. In olden times, when people died it was generally said that prana left the body. So, prana was keeping the body alive and kicking. In Yogic science, all our actions are the result of the life force. When we do breathing exercises as per Ashtanga Yoga, we raise the vitality of the prana.   Read More What is Pranayama? Benefits of Pranayama How to do Nadi Sodhan Pranayama   Now, the question arises is where do we get this prana? Prana is all around us. […]

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