How to Control your Breath in Pranayama? Complete Details

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The breath which enters our body from without (outside) is called ‘Shwas’ or inhalation of air, and that which goes out from our body is called or exhalation (Prashawas). Breath is the life force or vital force or still better the sustaining force of our body. As long as we breathe in and breath out we are alive but when the breath or air leaves our body, for good, we lose the thread of life. Hence, proper balance between inhalation, retention and exhalation forms the very basis of our life (Jeevan). Death is nothing other than the existence of this process. It is also subtly called ‘Prana’. Pranayama is divided into the process stages.   Poorak : The term implies inhalation of air (breath) or inspiration. Kumbhak : It means […]

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