How to Boost Immunity with Ayurveda and Yoga? Tips, 5 Yoga asanas & Healthy Ayurvedic Food, Do’s and Dont’s

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It has been more than one and half years of the world struggling with Coronavirus pandemic. A clutch of vaccines have been developed to prevent the spread of the virus but there is still not a standard set of treatment. But what has been certainly effective in containing the disease and reducing post-Corona complications is body’s immunity which acts as the natural defense against the virus. Ayurveda and yoga have proven results of boosting immunity and during the pandemic several studies, research and empirical data suggested that they could protect from the deadly virus to a considerable extent. Not surprisingly, immunity-boosting ayurvedic medicines are sometimes billed as cure for Corona and pharmacies lining up ayurvedic syrups, tablets and powders on their selves and doing brisk business during pandemic. While one […]

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