Bhakti Yoga – What is Bhakti Yoga? Beginners Yoga

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Bhakti Yoga   Do you believe in the divine force that created the Universe? Do you feel His presence in you? Do you seek to be enlightened and connected to this Divine Power? Then Bhakti Yoga is the answer to it all. The word ‘Bhakti’ refers to the love and devotion that one has towards God- the divine force, towards His amazing creation with all due respect to it . Bhakti Yoga can be practiced by one and all, irrespective of the age, class, status or religion that one hails from. It is the path of Bhakta that propels us towards the goal. Bhakti Yoga and God God is omnipresent. He is within us too and is our surrounding force in the form of love and divinity, though we may […]

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