Best Yoga Teacher In Rishikesh India – Yogi Himanshu

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Best Yoga Teacher In Rishikesh India – Yogi Himanshu    What started out as an alternative therapy to regain health turned out into a way of life for Yogi Himanshu.  Starting out as a sportsperson, he got introduced to Yoga while facing a health condition and it was the first step towards his life-long commitment to the ancient Indian practice.   With every step, as he delved deep into the principles of Yoga as developed and popularised by the great yogis, monks and saints over thousands of years, an intense inner transformation started. It seemed like divine inspiration guided him to achieve each of his milestones in a span of just 5-6 years of his yogic life. Still a simple man, Yogi Himanshu with his magnetic pull attracts students from […]

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