The Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh

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    Who is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi?   Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was born on 12 January 1917 in Jabalpur, British India into a Kayastha family. He was born with name Mahesh Prasad Varma. Mahesh studied Physics at Allahabad University and completed his degree course in 1942. There are disputes about the work he had done; one says he worked at Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur while others say he became an administrative secretary to Swami BrahmanandaSaraswati who was the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math. His association with Swami BrahmanandaSaraswati continued till 1953 when the latter died. After this, he moved Himalaya region of Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand. He could not be the spiritual successor of Shankaracharya’s despite he was a close disciple of Saraswati because he does not belong to Brahmin caste. […]

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