Top 7 Benefits Of Becoming A Yoga Teacher

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Get paid to be healthy and stay healthy!

If this sounds exciting enough to spark joy in your life, then read on:

Are you a bored professional longing for a career that’s hale and hearty? Then a yoga teacher is what and who you can be and a yoga teacher training program is how you can fast forward your career path.

Becoming a yoga teacher

Becoming a yoga teacher is also a divine idea for those who wish to switch careers and transcend the conventional. Instead of a 9 to 5, the idea of transforming lives, leading a diverse audience group and becoming their friend, philosopher and guide, could be your next career move. For those passionate about this great art, becoming a yoga teacher adds yet another dimension to this passion giving it definition and finesse. Learn more about the top 7 benefits of becoming a yoga teacher and driving your passion to a purpose:

1. A profession to look forward to!

Forget your Monday morning blues! Beyond the rate race and beyond targets to fulfill and deadlines to meet, life as a yoga teacher has more to offer other than just a profession. This is your opportunity to begin each day on a fresh note with something to look forward to, the opportunity to interact with a diverse audience eager to lend their ears, and an opportunity to witness the result of your efforts invested by you upon your students when they come out with flying colours.

2. A profession that contributes to society.

This is one of the top 7 benefits of becoming a yoga teacher since your role as a yoga teacher will lead others towards the path of well-being, mindfulness and spiritualism. Thus you will not only be a teacher, but a motivator and inspirational figure contributing to the best interests of the society at large. In addition, your classes will act as a medium to unwind and relax for those looking for the same and your guiding light will let them rise and shine on all the three aspects of the physical, mental and spiritual being.

3. A profession that incorporates a healthy lifestyle.

This is one of the surprising top 7 benefits of becoming a yoga teacher! Sitting all day in one position glaring at the screen, consuming mostly fast food due to a busy worklife, and having to live on the fast lanes often trigger stress, fatigue and tension. Taking up a profession as a yoga teacher simply replaces all these negative aspects and creates a positive energy within the mind and body. The continuous self-practice of asanas, meditation and breathing exercises as demanded by the profession of yoga, works in favour of your body giving it more flexibility, stamina and strength and also takes care of your mental health. Besides, this profession also demands a mindful diet to maintain the much needed energy to continue facilitating students daily. Abstaining from alcohol, smoking and staying up late nights are part of the discipline demanded by this profession while rising early, respecting self and others and being in the present are part of the yogic lifestyle that you will feel encouraged to follow and incorporate on a regular basis.

4. A profession that lets you become a globe trotter and digital nomad!

Associated to the top 7 benefits of becoming a yoga teacher, is the thrill and joy of travelling to various yogic destinations other than your home country, such as Bali, India, Thailand, and more and organising retreats, workshops or joining a yoga school as a teacher or opening or expanding your yoga studio in other parts of the world. You could also be a digital nomad travelling across the globe to your favourite destinations while facilitating online yoga sessions. Thus you will be have greater job flexibility at your discretion as you can also conduct online classes from your desired destinations.

5. A profession that lets you connect and be a part of a community.

Being a teacher, you can always take the initiative and create a yoga community and invite like- minded fellow yogis to join the same, share their views and interests on the subject of yoga and thus encourage a positive and supportive note for students and your self-development.

6. A profession that leads to self-upgradation.

You may get a pay raise, a promotion, a bonus, an incentive and other such materialistic benefits in a corporate or any other such job. However as a yoga teacher, the benefits go beyond these and extend to the spiritual well-being of the individual as well. This is evident among the top 7 benefits of becoming a yoga teacher. Your teaching journey in the yogic field is one that leads to self-fulfillment, self-discovery and self-transformation. You will find the virtues of patience, empathy and compassion growing in you by the day as you continue guiding the knowledge-seekers in this dynamic field.

7. A profession that shows you the bigger picture in terms of career.

Yoga studios, gyms, corporates, schools and universities – there is more than one zone that you can step into as a quality yoga teacher. Once you complete a yoga teacher training course certified by a competent authority such as Yoga Alliance International from a competent yoga school such as Himalayan Yoga Association with a global presence, you gain an edge as a qualified, well-informed yoga professional equipped with the authentic concepts of the subject with the right to practice the teaching profession in any part of the world as a registered yoga teacher (RYT). Being a registered yoga teacher also enables you to start your own yogic venture with a strong goodwill essential in its expansion and operation. The courses may be of 200 hour,300 hour and 500 hour duration, and you have to choose as per whether you are just at the initial learning stage or advanced level.

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