By Yoga

Utthita hasta padangustasana is a balancing pose that requires both strength and flexibility especially in the legs and glutes. When you find your sweet spot, and you are able to stay there in the asana, you feel a great stability and calmness in your mind.



1 – Stand tall with your legs together, arms straight down beside the body.

2 – Then, as you inhale, place the left hand on the waist, straighten the right arm, raise the right leg and catch the big toe with the right index and middle fingers. Straighten the knees, push your chest forward and up.
3 – Find your balance here, and as you exhale, touch the nose to the knee of the lifted leg and hold. Keep breathing as much as possible.
4 – To release from this asana, as you inhale, slowly bring your upper body to a straight position, and release your right foot to the ground. If you continue to the Utthita Hasta Padangustasana B, as you inhale, slowly bring your upper body to a straight position and continue to B.
5 – Repeat the above for the left leg.




– Loosens the hip joints

– Destroys defects of the testicles and male organ of generation
– Purifies the vertebral column, waist, hips, and lower abdomen.
– Strengthen the arms, vertebral column, waist, hips, legs, ankles, lower abdomen, and muscles around the knees, thighs, and glutes maximus, psoas muscles
– Great stretch to the hamstrings
– Helps to cure constipation
– Improves the balance, stability and posture



Avoid this asana unless instructed any modifications by professionals if you have any of the below or feel uncomfortable any time during your practice.
– Injury at the hips, shoulders, the muscles in any part of the legs.
– Low blood pressure
– Balance deficits