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Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras / Pada 2, Sutra 46

– Steady and comfortable should be the posture –

Parshvottanasana is one of the asanas that gives you a great intense stretch in the back side of your thighs. At the same time as working on it, we get to work on the shoulders’ range of motion, and so much more.



1 – Open the legs to the right, stand with the legs three feet apart as described in Trikonasana. Bring the hands together behind the back in a prayer position. As you inhale, turn the right foot and waist to the right, and lift the chest.

2 – As you exhale slowly, bend from the bottom of the back and try to touch the stomach to the thighs, and eventually nose to the knees with your legs straight.
3 – Hold in this position and breathe deeply and with control as much as you feel comfortable and stable.
4 – Then, as you inhale, lift the head up and turn to face the left to do the same on the other side.




– Eliminates the bad fat around the stomach, and makes the lower abdomen thin, the waist strong, and the body light.

– Lengthen the spine and expend the entire body, It prepares the body for deep backbends.
– Stretches the legs especially the hamstrings, and ankles, feet, hips, glutes, pelvic floor muscles, spine, neck, shoulders, chest, and wrists.
– Strengthen the legs , hips, and core.
– Stimulates abdominal organs and digestion.



Avoid this asana unless instructed any modifications by professionals if you have any of the below or feel uncomfortable any time during your practice.
– Injury in any part of the legs, ribs, spine or lower back, shoulders, or neck.
– Have undergone a surgery in abdominal, hips, or the heart
– Any arm injury – Avoid joining hands in the back
– Spinal disorders such as herniated disk, advanced cervical or lumber spondylitis.
– High blood pressure
– Headache or migrane