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Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras / Pada 2, Sutra 46

– Steady and comfortable should be the posture –

This four-part asana has five vinyasas, of which the 3rd is the state of the asana. In the 2nd vinyasa, aspirants should note that both rechaka and puraka are to be performed.




1 – Jump to the right and spread the legs apart according to your height, and place the hands on the waist. Make sure your inner feet are parallel to each other or slightly turn your toes inward.

2 – As you exhale, press the hands to the floor with the fingertips in line with the big toes, or slightly back side. Keep the head lifted and the spine straight.

3 – Give yourself a slow and deep inhale. Next, as you exhale, place the head on the floor between the hands. Keep the legs straight and tight, and hold in this position with slow and steady breathing. Keep tightening your stomach properly, use the uddiyana bandha (abdominal lock).

4 – As you inhale, lift and hold the head up completely, and exhale. Next, as you inhale, place your hands on the waist, and come up to return to the position of the 1st vinyasa. Go to Samasthiti.





  • Stretches the back side of the whole legs, glutes, and lower back as well as the shoulders, chest, abdomen
  • Improves the hop joint flexibility
  • Creates healthy space between the vertebrae
  • Strengthen the feet, the entire legs
  • Creates length in the spine
  • Improves posture
  • Bringing a fresh supply of blood in the head thus helps in reducing fatigue and stress




Avoid this asana unless instructed any modifications by professionals if you have any of the below or feel uncomfortable any time during your practice.

  • Injury in ankles, knees, wrist, and any sprain in the neck, shoulders
  • Recent surgery in the knees, hips, ankles, wrists
  • High blood pressure, vertigo, migraine
  • Spinal disorders
  • Have undergone heart surgery