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Enter the spiritual realm of Rishikesh – the sacred hub of all yogis , saints and yogi travelers seeking peace, solace and enlightenment. Elevate your passion for yoga to a professional level by joining a yoga school Rishikesh where you can begin the divine yogic journey. If you seek the true path to a new profession that contributes to the community, a career as a yoga teacher is apt for you. As a yoga guru, you will be teaching challenging asanas but also be guiding the knowledge seekers on the various facets of life and guiding them in their yogic journey throughout.


Yoga amidst nature


The mountain , river, forests , flora and fauna of Rishikesh beckon you to communicate with nature and practice yoga amidst serenity and positivity. Himalayan Yoga Association invites you to join the yoga school Rishikesh to enjoy and get closer to all these beautiful endowments of nature. Nestled right in the lap of nature, this yoga school Rishikesh is just right for the yogi traveler seeking best of both yoga and travel. Away from the day-to-day chaos and ruckus of the conventional urban life and lifestyle, here is a different zen zone offering you ample space and a breath of fresh mountain air. Walk, hike, trek and explore and feel the open surroundings enveloping you. Himalayan Yoga Association offers you not just a quality course on yoga but also an opportunity to get closer and bond with nature. The yoga school Rishikesh is blessed to have an environment gifted by Mother Nature. You will have ample opportunities to explore and admire the open greenery all around. Just in the vicinity of the yoga school, the river runs by and you can just take a walk by the banks or practice some asanas or meditate by the riverside – a different experience altogether. There are temples and ashrams you could visit nearby or view the natural waterfalls , yet another unique experience for you to gather. So a professional course coupled with the vicinity of nature is what you gain if you chose to study at Himalayan Yoga Association yoga school Rishikesh. The outcome of it all is certainly rewarding.

Student life at Himalayan Yoga Association


The Himalayan Yoga Association family welcomes aspirants from all spheres of life to join a diverse yoga community and exchange meaningful communication with like-minded fellow yogis from across the globe. At this yoga school Rishikesh, you will not feel like just a guest but more of a family member. Our team of dedicated staff have left no stone unturned in terms of catering and attending to the needs of students during their stay at the yoga school premises. In fact, we offer an interesting campus for you to explore with the entire area being surrounded by the elements of nature. These natural surroundings itself are more than sufficient to rejuvenate and refresh your mind and let you lose yourself in the lap of nature. A typical day at Himalayan Yoga Association begins with the ringing of morning wake up bell as early as 5.30 am followed by an hour of pranayama practice. Thereafter other activities and classes on yoga follow including meal breaks in between and so on, so forth, while the day ends by 9 p.m when the lights go off. You will get to spend the day following the yogic lifestyle and thus will be able to explore this aspect well while at this yoga school Rishikesh. In addition, you will learn many other things such as dining the traditional Indian way which aids in better digestion, trying healthy sattvic cuisine, and more about the tradition and culture in Indian context.

As a student you will also have access to other classes besides yoga, which include Bollywood dance classes, ayurvedic cooking classes, mantra chanting classes, japa classes, kirtan sessions and others. So the learning process at Himalayan Yoga School is not just limited to academic but extends beyond the yoga mat. Besides regular practice of asanas and meditation, it combines activity and recreation as well to create a unique program aimed towards students’ holistic development. The school campus also includes a massage and therapy Centre where you can avail relaxing ayurvedic massage sessions , yet another enlivening experience. Thus, you can be assured of an active and engaging student life at this top tier yoga school Rishikesh while also having the opportunity to make new friends from across the globe.


Teacher training courses


Yoga teacher training programs are part and parcel of a standard yoga school Rishikesh. Himalayan Yoga Association aims to create a highly skilled community of yoga teachers to spread the traditional yogic teachings across the globe through internationally certified courses on 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour yoga teacher training on the aspects of ashtanga, vinyasa flow and hatha yoga. These courses are meant to equip you with the right and required skills and strategies to master the asanas and take classes. The sessions entitle each student to receive individualized attention so as to work better on individual strength and weaknesses thus ensuring effectiveness of such sessions being conducted by expert facilitators. The popularity of these yoga teacher training courses emerge on account of their professional orientation and creation of income generating opportunities post the course completion and this is what lures students to actually take up the course. Besides the professional orientation factor, the other reason for these courses gaining popularity is their association to health and wellness. Practicing yoga regularly brings about physical, mental and spiritual well being of the individual. In addition whatever you learn through a yoga school Rishikesh teacher training program, you will be able to apply it in your daily life as well.


Rewarding outcome


By the end of the yoga school Rishikesh, course you will emerge not just as a yoga professional ready to venture but also as a refreshed, rejuvenated and motivated being ready to continue on with the routine activities, tasks and responsibilities through a different perspective altogether.

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