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Namaste my name is kirti and on behalf of himalayan yoga association i welcome you all to this online teacher training course i am a teacher here at himalayan yoga association and i will be taking you through the concepts and details of the human body and yoga altogether let’s hope you enjoy this course

let’s start namaste and welcome back to the online yoga teacher training course in today’s video we are going to discuss the punch koshas and how are they valid in case of modern human existence their relevance related to yogic science and your own personal lives but before we go ahead and do that we are going to chant the guy three months together like how we always do before the beginning of every session

so whether you’re sitting on the chair or you’re sitting on a mat simply sit straight with your spine completely erect shoulders rolled backwards without disturbing the length of your spine and close your eyes after adopting any mudra of your choice resting your hands on your knees the focus of your eyes needs to be either on the third eye or at the tip of your nose and allow yourself to immerse in the flow of prana with your breath as the instrument

observe how the breath travels in and out of your body and leaves a relaxing effect on your mind and your physical body in itself after a few calming breaths slowly bring your hands in front which is namaste touch the heart center with the back of your thumbs if you know the mantra you can chant it with me otherwise you can repeat it afterwards slowly breathe in having absorbed the vibration and effect of the mantra let’s generate some energy between our palms by rubbing our hands against each other

now as you feel this energy between your palms transfer it to your eyes first then massage your face keep your eyes closed please and you can transfer this energy to any other part of your body wherever you wish to once again before you open your eyes fold your palms bow down to your fingertips and the universal truth with a few blinks open your eyes and

welcome back so guys before we go ahead and start today’s uh session about the punch koshas i would like to question each and every one of you individually whether you have ever questioned your own existence if you have ever thought about what are you who are you what all things actually make you a person that you are today

if you haven’t asked this question yet then now would be a good time maybe after this session you should go ahead and discuss consider yourself these different aspects i hope by the end of this video you would be able to put yourself in place if you are aware of the concepts of the punch koshas then you should be able to place yourself in this punch kosha’s theory if not then i’m sure you will definitely be amazed by how these things are applicable in your life in my life and everyone’s life punch kosher

if we translate it to english panch means five kosha means layers punch kosher simply means the five layers of the human body in itself they as as individuals as human beings we all have five different layers out of which an average a person who is not spiritual person who is tied down with the other things in life they are only familiar with the physical body which is only one layer of the human being this physical body forms the deepest layer of the punch koshers

the rest of the four layers of the panch koshas they are psychic in nature just like how chakras is against psychic knowledge but they still do exist and they still do the responsibilities the functions that they have similarly the nadis that we have there are about 72 000 nadis inside the human body but you cannot see them you cannot dissect you cannot feel them using your hands

but they are still there fulfilling the purpose that they have similarly these five koshas they all exist in case of every individual inside and alive today and i’m sure by the end of this video you would be able to relate yourself with each one of these layers and how do they apply in your own life partially this thing is today’s lecture is partially philosophical in nature because of course of the psychic element because these things cannot be proved cannot be proven

by modern science as such because modern science believes in what it sees but at the end of the day mentally speaking on a psychic level these things exist let’s see how the deepest layer as I’ve already told you is called the anemia kosher which is the physical body referred to in the psychic knowledge of yoga as the anemia kosher

if you translate anime kosha in english then literally means food maya being something which has been there in the past which is here in the present as well and which is going to be there in the future as well so things like air water you know earth in the modern times we refer to maya as possessions wealth money all of these things which you cannot carry outside of your entire lifespan

but they have they been there throughout before you came into this world they are present now that you’re here and they will be there even after you die or complete your lifespan so these things which are not really you know connected to the physical body but they are still there but as a human being you concern with them since you are a part of this entire sphere this entire environment that is

why the word maya is applicable in case of all of the five layers it is the common factor between all of these layers anime literally means anime the food layer of the human body now why are we referring to the physical body as it is something that

we can feel and touch as the food layer and if i have to go ahead and explain it to you then you must have heard the phrase you are what you eat on those lines anime kosha literally gets its name from the very term which is food because food comes from the ground itself from the earth itself when it enters this physical body it gets divided into energy and waste the energy being utilized in the physical body and it moves out of the physical body and becomes waste at the end and merges with the earth once again

because of the nature of the food whatever you consume whether it’s protein whether it’s calcium whether it’s fiber the body utilizes and becomes what you’re supplying it with on those lines the physical aspect of this body is only related to the food itself if you’re giving it healthy food then the body will remain in a healthy condition if you’re giving it you know non-healthy things

if you’re giving it supplying it with junk food if you’re giving it harmful particles to consume in the body then the body will start decaying itself and this is very much applicable how the phrase you are what you eat is applicable in this case as well so on those lines the food which comes from the earth enters this body and leaves the body to become earth again one way or the other you as well

whatever you consume comes from the earth you yourself came from the earth directly or indirectly what you’re consuming to sustain your existence has also come from the earth directly or indirectly and what you will become eventually after your death will also merge into the earth directly or indirectly now or later one way or the other the only outcome of it is going to be earth and

this is why it is referred to as the food layer there is another philosophical aspect to it even though you know as you can be as an omnivorous creature you could be someone who consumes non-vegetarian food or you become or you’re living your life as a vegetarian person on those lines

so if somebody else some other organism be it a lion a tiger or you know if you die and some other organism consumes you you again become food in the end for that organism which in the end will become excretory waste out of the human body and again merge with the earth again so anime kosher all about the food the instrument through

which you are able to sustain this existence one way or the other it is also the vessel in which the soul the atman travels and survives its own existence directly or indirectly right outside of the food layer the anime kosha we have the pranam kosher the pranam kosha if you translate it it becomes the life force layer prana as the source which gives us life which gives us purpose

which gives us animation in itself is applicable and sitting right outside of the pranam kosher utilizing of the pranamay kosher gives this physical body the different functions which take place inside the body as well be it respiration be it reproduction be a digestion be it locomotion be it mental stimulation each and every way each and everything is only possible because of the prana

that we consume from the environment that we are in so it definitely makes sense that the prana kosha or the life force is outside of the physical body because if the pranamay kosher is not there then the physical body would not have any purpose it would be dead it would not be you know animated it would not be able to fulfill the different functions

that it can on those lines right outside of the prana kosha the third layer is kosher right here you can see the third layer outside of this physical body the manomay kosh also known as the mental layer or the mental sheath now manomay kosh if i have to explain it to you in words then it would simply be the layer through which we perceive things how you receive things

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