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Namaste to everyone i am yogi Himanshu founder of Himalayan Yoga Association in India i am very happy i am very glad to announce that in 2022 we are coming in Germany Frankfurt to offer our yoga teacher training courses yoga retreats daily drop-in yoga classes

we are running yoga courses school in many countries for a long time it’s been quite six to seven years i myself already in this yogic path for last seven to eight years we have a wonderful teachers team a great management team to give you very supportive assistance

a great back-end team to walk with you step by step to book for the programs so we have very experienced in our work and our teachings are astanga based teachings in which we cover all aspects of yoga from basics to advance we cover basics of yoga how one should live

how one should think and what is mind what is body what is breath we do cover pranayama classes in which we practice physical cleansing practice we do breathing practices we do cover asanas practices in which we practice hatha vinyasa flow we practice astanga vinyasa yoga

we practice yoga philosophy we do have meditation classes we have alignment adjustment teaching methodology class yoga anatomy physiology ayurveda therapy so this is a complete course with uplifting and transforming experience transforming teachings

so by doing the course you will be able to practice yoga properly and therefore you will be able to share yoga properly with the whole world so it’s very transforming course you get an opportunity to learn about the all aspects

which are very important if we go properly with the teachings it will really help us to understand our own self and once it is cleared when we are able to understand our own self once we are able to guide our own self then we will be naturally able to guide everyone

then it will become your life yoga will become your life it will no longer be a work or a separate practice rather it will be your life and it will help you to go physically mentally spiritually to understand the life and to live happy and peacefully in every situation

so if you look forward or if you are looking for yoga teacher training’s in Germany for yoga trees daily drop in classes feel free to consider us and it will be our honor to welcome you in our beautiful Himalayan yoga family so thank you so much for listening thank you so much for giving your time i wish you all a wonderful day keep safe keep healthy keep practicing yoga namaste.

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