Best Yoga Ashram In Rishikesh India

By yoga School in RishikeshBest Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh India, yoga school in rishikesh

Hi everyone my name is Aziza and i would like to share my experience with the Himalayan Yoga Association i took an online 200 hour yoga teacher training course and i would like to thank everyone who is working for this wonderful school

before starting the course i was in doubt i was not sure if it’s a good idea to study yoga online but because i couldn’t travel to India i took a decision to try an online course and now i can say everything went very well for me the best part of the course for me was

that i could study on my own pace at any time whenever it was comfortable for me because the classes were pre-recorded also we were given course manuals for self studying and um if we wanted to communicate with the teachers

we could do that as well because the school is conducting online zoom classes every day the teachers were very knowledgeable i would like to thank yogi kirti yogi vivek and a special thanks to your guinea saumya who was available on whats app whenever needed and for conducting

my final practical exam i have to say i was so nervous when preparing for the exam but when we started talking on zoom with a yogini saumya i felt i was talking just to my friend and i was not stressed at all thank you very much for that yogini saumya

overall i’m very happy with the course i’m happy with the teachers and i wish to himalayan yoga association all the best i wish you guys prosperity and i wish you a lot of nice students thank you

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