Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

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Hi my name is Ayda and i’m from Canada and i did the 200 hour registered yoga teacher training with Himalayan yoga association and i couldn’t have asked for anything better than this class

i have been practicing yoga for four years and always wanted to be a teacher but here in Canada to do teacher training um it’s a little different i always knew it was different because i always wanted to really understand the theory and the benefits and the history of yoga

and in Canada i found a lot of the training’s because i also am a fitness instructor um you know it was really about how to hold a plank and all the asanas but there wasn’t a lot on really the theory and like how yoga truly means in our heart 

and so i knew i wanted to do it with Himalayan and i actually had planned to go in April of 2020 to Himalayan as a trip because i also really just wanted to be in the ashram and really experience yoga but i what because of COVID wasn’t able to and

so when they had this online version um i was a bit nervous because again online am i going to have the same experience but i really really did it was great that i could go at my own pace i would go and do it every day after work practicing yoga is something i try to do as much as possible

we were in lock down and couldn’t leave our houses here um and so sometimes you would find it hard to it was hard some days were really hard especially with how cold it gets here but to have this course guide me and you know tell me like no

i have to do yoga today really is what kept me positive so i’m really grateful um and it’s it’s just more than the awesomeness you really understand the theory the breathing you know patanjali you know you know all the mudras like

the things you learn and they’re so authentic and it’s absolutely amazing and they give you time they’re there if you need them my only thing i would say is because i have done yoga for many years before um following videos and asanas wasn’t a challenge for me

i can understand how possibly if you’ve never ever done something even like warrior two reading that might be a little difficult for some so i would say make sure you’ve done a bit of yoga and understand the asanas before doing the course but other than that with the theory 

the physiology all of that was really really great to understand and go at my own pace um and yeah i had now actually been teaching for three months in Canada so i started in i finished my course in i think uh march so i took the three months to finish it and 

I’ve been teaching here in Canada since and it’s been amazing and sometimes i still go back and look at my book i can look at my videos whenever i want so i love that it’s online and i have it there for me whenever i need it so yeah i can only recommend this course it is amazing everyone’s

so helpful i really really appreciate it it did so much for me during the dark cold times of lock down here in Canada so i’m forever grateful for him Himalayan and i can’t wait to go back and visit Himalayan

as soon as our border is open i will be visiting the ashram so thank you so much and i hope you all try this beautiful course Namaste.

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