Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

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Hello i did the 200 hours yoga teacher training at the Himalayan Yoga Association school and i really had a good time and the teacher were very friendly and was nice experience to make also if it was online the videos explained the topics very good and

so i was able to learn the whole stuff very good so thank you for that thank you for this very nice teacher training and hopefully i see you soon in life in rishikesh thank you and goodbye.

24 days 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India ,experience an unforgettable, fun-filled life-changing experience in the foundational 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh begin your yoga journey

with clarity and vision to lighten up the self. Let us prepare you with ancient teachings and techniques so that you can come up as an accomplished yogi or yogini. 

We already know about basic yoga courses but if you want to level up your yoga practices, you can join the Himalayan Yoga Association’s200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Certification course It is a professional and comprehensive program based

on the teachings of Ashtanga yoga – Hatha yoga – Vinyasa Flow designed by accomplished yoga master after a lot of self-study on the subjects of yoga in order to provide best teachings to the students. Learn about Everything you need to know about yoga 

RYT 200 Yoga Certification offers detailed teachings on asana’s (Yoga Postures), meditation, Pranayama, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy physiology, alignment-adjustment, teaching methodology as well as fundamentals of Ayurveda and its importance.

All yoga classes are taught by well- educated accomplished yogis (Masters) that lefts no space for doubts on the teachings when students step forward to teach others.

Once the course syllabus is completed students are also given opportunity to teach their classmates in the presence of teacher which brings clarity and self-confidence in their teaching.

Yoga teacher training cousre in india  is suitable for all walks of life people whether you are beginner, intermediate or want to learn for personal development or yoga as profession so you are on the right place, come and join Himalayan yoga Association to learn how to transform millions lives.

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