Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

By Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh Indiayoga teacher training, Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

Hello Namaste yogis my name is noel and i have just recently completed my 200 hour online yoga teacher training with the Himalayan Yoga Association overall this has been a very fruitful and just overall positive experience for me 

as i was going through my yogic journey i’m beginning a yogic journey as a yoga teacher with the himalayan yoga association online i have been a student of yoga for about 10 years and so i have really always wanted to do this training and be able to teach others yoga as well

so being able to do this online on my own schedule and my own time when i had time to complete the classes was very helpful and very important to me without having a lack of feeling of community or a sense of really presence of the yoga teachers and other students um

who with whom we were able to contact or communicate with um via whats app Facebook group um if i ever had a question thank you so much the yoga teachers because i was i knew that i was able to contact them directly um and that they would answer me to the best of their abilities overall

this training was a very um well-rounded training in not only asanas so yoga of the body but also yoga of the mind and the soul being able to learn really about the foundational history and philosophy of yoga is very important to the practice and i was very i’m very grateful today to have been able to study with an organization like the himalayan yoga association

that really cares about this theory and the history and origins of yoga and being able to apply that to the practice as well as being able to improve in asana techniques postures um breathing techniques and as well as the anatomy part of yoga

which is very important to becoming a teacher and really having all these explanations in depth and available to us through the videos as well as through the in person live classes or the virtual live classes excuse me um several times a week where we could always ask questions or get some more information about the training um

so overall for me it has been a very fruitful journey and i am very grateful to have had this opportunity to become a 200 hour certified yoga teacher so thank you himalayan yoga association namaste

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