Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

By Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh Indiayoga teacher training, Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

Hi I’m Naina and I’ve come here for 200 hrs TTC I’m from Jakarta before coming here I had much knowing of how the course is going to be the only thing i knew it I’m a beginner I’m here for learning but the few things that i have really here for was like the ambiance

and the mountains early in the morning waking up the mountain then see so that so what i have choosed this institution for but after coming here and after attending all the classes and everything i feel I’m so blessed because not only yoga but apart from that we have

learn so much from Saumya Mam her presence her Aura is so beautiful that you really connect like from the very first day i was able to connect with her so i think Durgesh Mam also has a very beautiful presence in the class every teachers Sourav Sir is there who is

always so polite and helpful towards whatever you want to ask him he is always there for you Rahul Sir same he is always there and then Anil Sir what to say about him such a gem of a person what i think HYA has a really Gem of a person here and then either is so much

to learn from that so time is less but there is so much to learn from so whatever overall my experience on HYA was really beautiful and i really enjoyed specially waking up in the morning for going for the pranayama class and then seeing the beautiful mountains and

then going towards the river and I really enjoyed this time here so thank you and i also made lot of beautiful friends lot of so many beautiful friends there which i didn’t expected so overall my experience is so beautiful thank you.

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