300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

By yoga School in Rishikesh300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India, yoga school in rishikesh

300 Hours Advance Yoga Teacher Training Course is for those students and teachers who have already successfully completed their 200 Hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh “Approved by yoga alliance” and want to take their education to the next level. 300 Hour

yoga teacher training is 28 days Advance yoga teacher training course that provides 300 instructional hours required for yoga alliance RYT-500.

People who have been practicing yoga for long time and live in it, they can also join our 300 Hours advance Multi-style yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh but not just for the certificate instead with an aim to attain higher realization of yoga to spread it in the whole world to transform millions lives.

in this philosophy, Himalayan Yoga Association (HYA) has been setting its milestones and achieving them gradually. Starting off with its first center in the world yoga capital of Rishikesh, HYA has been setting its foot in various parts of the world to train more and more people to live life holistically and realize the true purpose of their existence.

The Yoga School in rishikesh has established itself as a premier training center is considered a landmark destination for those looking to immerse deep into yoga, meditation and philosophy. Besides offering short-term programs for beginners to evoke

interest in the ancient practice, there are long-duration courses to let the learners dive deep into the discipline of yoga an invaluable gift to the world.
Learners coming to our schools have been our brand ambassadors and solely through

their word of mouth we have carved out a reputation for ourselves as the most preferred yoga teacher training school. But we have never rested on our past laurels and strives to constantly improve our service and facilities. This has helped us expand our footprint and

quickly establish new centers. Bali Yoga School, Himalayan Yoga Ashram, Himalayan Yoga School, Bali Yoga Retreat, The Divine Retreat and Saraswati Yoga Ashram are among the many centers under the umbrella of HYA.

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