Vinyasa Yoga Flow Arm Balancing Sequence

By YogaVinyasa Flow, Vinyasa Yoga Flow Arm Balancing Sequence

Namaste yogis welcome back to my vinyasa session so in today’s session we are going to work on arm balancing portion so let’s start with a sitting posture so sit back with lights and side pose or madrasana that release your head by rotating your wrist so first we are going to work on santu la nasana just shift your weight forward place your pulp and

maintain your wrist aligned with your shoulder gently lift your knees off to the bed so the thing you have to avoid here is arching of lower back and lifting of your hip like this so try to avoid this one try to tilt your hip down and push your shoulder blades up squeeze your abdomen stay strong and hold here make sure your hips should be down no need to lift

your hip up stay strong with your shoulder and we are going to hold here for 30 seconds so 5 4 three two one stay there two keep squeezing your abdomen three four five last ten nine and stay strong two five six and seven slowly by dropping your knees down exhale relax now shake your hands release your shoulders nice and slowly so now we are going

to do the elbow version of this posture so gently drop your elbow down the same thing try to squeeze your abdomen push high with the shoulder blade and squeeze your abdomen make sure you are also squeezing your hip so you can release your abs at the same time and hold here don’t sift too much forward try to maintain your shoulder align with your

hip and hold here for ten nine eight seven six squeeze five push your shoulders up two and one exhale slowly drop your knees down shift your weight back and relax in child pose nice and slowly paper mindset for grow pose or eggplant the one we have done on the previous flow so before you going to the main portion let’s do one more round of

assist asana so this time same thing but now you have to sift your weight on your left hand and try to lift your right hand up as you find a balance try to lift your right leg up and find your balance in case this is a bit difficult for you you can drop your right leg back and left right hand up but make sure you have to avoid dropping your hip down by

helping of your shoulder push and lift your hip up so you can feel more engagement of your obliques instead of this do focus on lifting your hip up and those who are feeling nothing here to make this more advanced you can lift your leg up and hold here for five four three two one exhale back to santo and asana and now switch to vases asana slowly

lift your left hand up again don’t drop your hip down keep lifting your hip high and hold here for five four three two stay strong and one exhale relax and drop your knees down slowly shake your hand shake your shoulders release your attention from your wrist by shaking your fingers as fast as you can breathe in and relax then back to downward facing

dog now we are moving to the main posture the first the portion name crow now from here walk forward gently bend your knee drop your head so bend your elbow and place your knee over the elbow or over lower triceps slowly find your balance keep lifting your chest up and lift your both legs off the mat and find final balance and hold here for five

four three two one exhale first release your right then slowly release left down now from here find your malasana and keep moving your wrist keep rotating your wrist to release tension from your wrist from your palm shake your hand shake your shoulders

now let’s do the advanced person by lifting one leg up the safety weight forward find a crown and slowly sift your weight on your right leg on your right hand and straight your left leg and hold here for five four three two one and drop down relax again release your tension from your wrist by shaking your head shake your shoulders down try to maintain

your spine straight now let’s do on the other side same thing find a crow first safety weight and inhale lift your right leg up and hold here for five four three two one and exhale back to the center and relax and shake your hand shake your leg shake your shoulders now from malasana place your hands on your mat sit forward and jump back to

chaturanga and arsenal inhale up and exhale go back to down facing dog and exhale drop your knees down and relax and chill pose nice and slowly stay there breathe in and breathe out now inhale up and relax try to minimize your breath slow down your breath now interlace your finger just move your wrist rotate your wrist left and right right to left

now our last poster is so the portion look like this so for this you need to work on your hip flexor or arm strength to lift your hip off the mat so i have a modification with the strap so we’ll do it together with the strap so what you have to do just fix your knuckle fix your strap on the locker try to lock your strap and make a round like this so from here place of

one strap the one line of the step from the downward off to on your hamstring like over your knee not on the knee huh this should be like over the knee now from health try to combine them together and now try to go down of the strap and fix those strap underneath the shoulder blade not on the lower spine this should be on the thoracic or

you can see by lifting your hands up try to feed your shoulder blade so now you can easily find a shoulder blade here slightly fixed underneath them and according to your body size you can make your stripe tight or loose as you stay there so in case you are not

comfortable with your head or like the height is too short for you you can use a block like two block from sideways i don’t have one block here so i’m going to show you with the strap sorry with the without block

so in case if you have two blocks so you can use a block by the sideways and one more thing you don’t need to place your hand by aligning with your hip a bit forward in between the midline of your thigh this should be like this breathe in lengthening your

spine and slowly lift up try to lift from your hip and exhale down so try this version with a strap you will find more easier your body weight gets so much lighter by using the strap so you can easily lift your hip off the mat so main thing again don’t place your hand by

side of your hip this should be aligned with your mid thigh and breathe in lift up so you can swing right and left up and down nice and slowly and exhale relax as you are done release the strap and come out from the posture so too is strengthening your core or

strengthening your hip flexor to learn this movement i will prefer you to work with the strap and then go without the strap so from here wherever you are jump back to chaturanga and drop your knees down and relax in childbirth breathe in and breathe.

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