Student Review Diana Nirupama Ji Himalayan Yoga Association

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Namaste My name is Nirupa and I’m from Delhi I came to Himalayan Yoga Association to undertake a 200 hour teacher training course and i must say my experience has been very interesting and quite satisfactory if i have to think of why i came here i did not really It is a decision that i took at the as per of the moment and there was a deep earning to learn

something more about yoga I’ve been doing yoga for the past 2 years but i would just say It is not complete yoga It is just asanas that i was practicing when i came here I understood the meaning of yoga as a holistic practice and It’s been a great learning for me and it has really taught me that yoga is a journey within as well as without and yoga

means a lot of introspection with in and also introspecting the things that i happening around us along with are of course you have to be very physically fit through any of your asana practices and what I’ve learnt here i can not leave here i have to go back and practice that and i need to be very clear on that and I think i am the teacher’s have been

good they have taught us a lot they been very patient with us and they have given as a very great experience of learning for me it was being a working person it was an experience what i have to leave work and i lead let us student life here and i must say i thoroughly enjoyed it the ambiance is great it urges you It kind a pushes you to do your yoga to do

your meditation much better than you would do in your city environment so i would say the environment is perfect for yoga and everything except for the few minor irretance here and there which happens in life with everything It’s been a great experience for me and i would urge you all to come and experience this yourself thank you.

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