Student Review Diana Vakharia Ji Himalayan Yoga Association

By yoga School in RishikeshStudent Review Diana Vakharia Ji Himalayan Yoga Association, yoga school in rishikesh

Hi everyone my name Diana Vakharia and I’m from Gujarat so I came here for 200 hrs certification and It’s been 28 days and it’s been amazing 28 days the staff here is amazing specially vishal bhaiya he’s been helping us with literally every possible thing anything goes wrong i be like vishal bhaiya, vishal bhaiya so yeah the help is good management is

amazing food is great and of course the teachers are they are amazing they are imparting really good knowledge and teaching us really well and the location is beautiful there is river going behind and beautiful mountains so yeah basically all in all it’s been an amazing month and i would definitely recommend everyone to please come here for whatever your courses you want to do thank you.

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