Student Reviews Srushti Ji 200 Hrs YTTC Himalayan Yoga Association

By YogaStudent Reviews Srushti Ji 200 Hrs YTTC Himalayan Yoga Association, yoga

My name is Srushti and I’m from Pune so i came here to learn yoga so before coming here i did my Vipassana and then i realize that i should practice more yog and learn about it more so that i can get deeper into practice so with that view i was here i was not sure about the classes how they are going to be and like how the yog is going to be i thought it

will be mostly meditation because i was into it from before and I had changed my life alot so that so when i came here like it was not only one thing it was the complete package of yoga and i learn that now I’m not going to call yoga I’m going to see it yog because It’s actually yog they teach you asanas they teach you the flows which like which make your

body ready for the yog that is the meditation and it’s the final practice and it was really great teachers here are really good Rahul Sir then Sourav Sir Saumya Ji Sorry, Durgesh Mam and Vivek Ji was also good Anil Sir was conducting our Ashtanga Class and he was to conduct it really nice and completely like we had fun here had good people around

learnt so many new things It’s like It’s not enough like I’ll just can not stop talking there is so many things my life has changed alot i think i have lost lot of weight I don’t know how much weight i have lost but then yes my clothes are like different now so yes i have lost lot

of weight i feel more confident than before there are so many changes in me which i think others will tell when i go and meet everyone back but it was really great here amazing experience everyone should come here once atleast in your life it’s it’s awesome that’s it Thank you.

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