Yoga Retreat Price in Rishikesh

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Best Yoga Retreat Price in Rishikesh - Himalayan Yoga Association


Are you planning for a special weekend or weekly getaway for a deserving break? Then Rishikesh is good idea for a zone where you will find your zen amidst the tranquility of valleys and the holy Ganges and at the same time create a different experience by attending a yoga retreat that will combine a holiday with some valuable practice time of yoga and meditation and also educate you on the same – all within the same time.  And while a yoga retreat price in Rishikesh could cost you anywhere between 300 USD to 3000 USD depending on the duration per retreat, you could find a reasonable yoga retreat price in Rishikesh being charged by a quality yoga school such as Himalayan Yoga Association, ranging from 150 USD for 3 days yoga retreat in Rishikesh to 300 USD for 6 days yoga retreat in Rishikesh. The best part about such package yoga retreat price in Rishikesh offered exclusively by Himalayan Yoga Association is that it includes multiple benefits to give you value addition such as nutrition packed 3 meals per day and sanitized accommodation , daily excursions, ayurvedic cooking classes, well-equipped library, yoga mats and other such materials, and more on the list in addition to daily yoga classes , pranayama and meditation under professional guidance. So do not miss this “all-in-one” package within such budget friendly yoga retreat price in Rishikesh – a must take for every yogi traveler who wants to experience the best at the best price plan.  

Best Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh - Himalayan Yoga Association