Lifestyle of A Yoga Practitioner By Yogini Saumya

By YogaLifestyle of A Yoga Practitioner By Yogini Saumya, yoga

Namaste Everyone Kindly come up on your mats sit comfortably keeping your back and neck straight and very gently close your eyes start observing your breathe just the natural flow of your breathing as you are inhaling and as you are exhaling make sure your body is correctly aligned so face should

be relaxed neck and shoulder should be relaxed back should be straight slowly begin to deepen your breathing will be chanting Om three times followed by three Shanti’s inhale deeply for Om
Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

just feel the vibrations join both your palms together and rub both your palms place them on your eyes very slowly while blinking and looking at your palms begin to open up your eyes start coming back with a smile and

namaste to everyone we welcome you at Himalayan Yoga Association I’m yogini Saumya and i will be taking your session today so today we are going to talk about the lifestyle of a yoga practitioner now all of you are yoga practitioner’s right so there is a particular lifestyle that you guys will also begin to follow and you guys nothing else but actually a lifestyle right so the

deeper you go into the practices the more you will see that the impact is coming into your life it is changing the way in which you live so this is actually not a separate thing it is actually bound to come into your life sooner or later if you continue your practices right lifestyle is just the way in

which we live the habits that we develop overtime and these habits should always help us to support our life right so you should be able to lead a healthy life we should remain energetic we should have the stamina and enthusiasm to do our work and that is exactly what a good lifestyle is which motivates you everyday and keeps you healthy on a physical, mental,

emotional and even spiritual level right so when we talk of lifestyle there are certain things that we specifically cover so when you guys are practicing then you should also specifically make note of these things and see how you are changing them as you go deeper into your practices right so first thing is your food or aahar right food so don’t care about the Sanskrit names we

even focus on the English names food right so of course as you begin to practice in all the practices be at asana’s, pranayama there is a specific kind of food that you have to consume right not all types of food items can be consumed when you go into yogic practices right so when we talk from the point of view of yoga there two concepts that are quite essential for us right

one is the quality and quantity of eating and the second is the kind of food we are consuming right so when it comes to the quantity right you should go for only food which fills half of your stomach so half if you eat 4 portions of during one meal you should go for 2 now okey so that half of your stomach remains empty the remaining half that is divided into 2 parts so

one fourth and one fourth right so one fourth is left for air okey and one fourth is left for water so only half of your stomach should be filled with food right then when we talk about the quality so in the quality you know the food should be consumed as if you are offering it to god and infect in a lot of places this practice goes on whether food is first offer to some higher

power of god right and then it is consumed and it is consumed for the benefit of the body so these days you know like we eat for taste so we eliminate that thing when we come into yoga because food is a very big attachment right when you don’t get food you get very angry you know you

get very re table right so food when the yoga practitioner consumes the food there is this constant realization when they are consuming the food that this food is only consumed to sustain my body right and because of these characteristics the food that one consumes it gives them a lot of energy

right so sometimes you consume some food and your feel lethargic but sometimes when you consume certain food items it increases your vitality and that is a whole point of consuming food now if you come to the types of food so depending on the three qualities, there are three types of food that is sattvik food there is Rajasik food and there is Tamasik food

right when you come to the sattvik food this is the most ideal diet for a yoga practitioner right yoga practitioner’s consume only sattvik food sattvik food is vegetarian food which is easy to digest which gives you a lot of energy right and contains all the nutrition that you need example of sattvik food include vegetables, fruits your milk khichdi it’s an item that is made in india

out of rice and dal right and vegetables are put in it very easy to digest and very holistic meal when we come to Rajasik food Rajasik food is generally heavy nature and it’s mostly consume by people who are into regress physical activity so you see sports persons they generally have a very different diet you know they mostly consume Rajasik food and Rajasik food

also has another quality that is has a lot of spices in it so when one consumes the Rajasik food, they become very active right they become very you know the mind become very active at that point of time so sometimes you know you eat something and immediately a lot of heat is produced in the body right so the spices are very high that is what is causing you that

irritation or that production of heat in the body and then we come to the Tamasik food so Tamasik food is the lowest of oil oil kinds of part food all food which has preservatives this food has very low energy value right and when you consume this food you immediately feel very lazy, lethargic you feel like sleeping right so junk food tea, coffee all of these things they are

doing what they are Tamasik food they are not benefiting you must they are not providing your body alot of energy right so you should avoid Tamasik and Rajasik food when you come into the practices of yoga and you should go for Sattvik food okey then when we discuss the lifestyle the second thing that comes up is recreation okey so you know a lot of people they think that

when you enter yoga you are supposed to stop with the recreation right but yoga encourages recreation because yoga recognizes that you can not live your life behind right you will have emotional ups and downs right your mind will get cluttered every once in a while it will cause that chaos and in order to manage that proper kind of recreation is introduced when one

comes into yogic practices so these recreation recreational activities can be as per your understanding as well right so if like to sing you can take out some time to sing right if you like dance you can go dancing take out some time in your day to do any form of recreational activity which keeps you refresh and helps you to manage and channel your emotions and your

thoughts right so you don’t have to avoid them you don’t have to feel guilty about it but do whatever you like doing and make time for it everyday take or at least half n hour or something you love to do everyday then we move to the conduct so right conduct very important when one enters the yogic practices okey so the conduct should always be correct one can choose to go

for wrong conduction as well right when you come into yogic practices then the correct conduction place a very important part and the conduction is build over a period of time you know a series of habits that you repeat over and over again which forms a believe system and your character and yogic practices provide you a space where you can form up better character right

so when you read the yoga sutras you will see that patanjali has also talked about the development of the right conduct in the form of yamas and niyamas so how you have to conduct yourself in the society and how you have to personally conduct yourself right so these two things you can look into when we talk specifically of the conduct right then the fourth thing is

the right thought okey now we all know that anything that happens in life first a thought comes up first you think of going on a vacation then you start researching look you booked the flight, you booked the train then you a booked the hotel right and then you go to that place and then you enjoy your vacation right so but the thought of taking and off or taking that

vacation comes up which in turn helps you to act on it right which is so necessary right so if the thought is not correct that means the action and the speech by default they will see the consequence of the wrong thought right and thoughts have a lot of power if you think of something if you think you can do something you will actually be able to do it you know if you think

that you want to achieve this thing in life just the thought you know just the near invitation of the thought will help you to create the circumstances in your life that you can actually achieve that goal or target in your life right so you have to focus on creating the right kind of thoughts being positive

rather than having a pessimistic or negative approach towards life you have to focus on bringing a much more positive and optimistic view towards life right and as you do the yogic practices this is bound to come you are bound to feel the optimism that life has to offer to you and the last point of

discussion is the behavior so you should also have the right behavior behavior is nothing else but how you conduct yourself in your day to day life how you do each and every activity in your day right it’s a series of the right accumulation of the right behavior which is going to turn into the right

conduct okey so each and every activity how it suppose to be done so bhagavad geeta really talks on this thing and says that the action should be done with perfection right so whenever you do something do it with full concentration with full dedication right doing only one thing at a time and be detached from the results of whatever you are doing right so don’t do something just because you’ll get this reward or that reward right do it

because it is your duty it is your responsibility to do that thing and if you incorporate these four qualities into whatever you do you reach the perfection in action right no task is too high or too low for you right everything that you are given everyday do it with that same level of dedication with that same level of concentration right and you will see how

efficiently you are able to do the things even the things you don’t want to do you will end up doing them much more efficiently and that is all that yoga promotes whatever you are doing it’s nothing extra ordinary it’s everything is ordinary whatever you are doing and how you are doing it mix all the difference in your life right so if you want to incorporate yoga as lifestyle

right focus on all of these points everyday look at your thoughts okey look at your behavior see how you are conducting yourself over a period of time take out time for recreation and focus on the way in which you consume your food and the type of food you consume right so let’s end today’s session we have a lot to think about right so sit comfortably, keep your back and neck straight and gently close your eyes will chant Om one time

Followed by three Shanti’s inhale deeply for Om
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi just observe the vibrations join your plams together and rub your palms together keep them on your eyes very slowly while blinking and looking at your palms begin to open up your eyes start coming back with a big smile and namaste to everyone thank you so much.

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