Ayurveda and Its Principles By Yogini Durgesh Ji

By Himanshu JoshiYogaAyurveda and Its Principles By Yogini Durgesh Ji, yoga

Namaskaram welcome to the Himalayan Yoga Association my name is Durgesh and today I’m gonna teach you the Ayurveda So before you know going into and starting the session let’s start the session with the prayer the prayer which is very much important because when you start the session with the prayer you connected to yourself and you

become more attentive and aware towards you and towards whatever we gonna learn and practice so to bring the consciousness and awareness we start with prayer coming into the sitting posture any posture you can choose keep the palm on the knee you can sit on the couch or on the ground just rest your palm on the knee don’t try to make it

the mudra and keep your back, neck straight, shoulder relaxed chin parallel to the ground and gently close your eyes observe the alignment just observe how you are sitting go into your posture remain in the posture and keep your posture still and relaxed go once you are comfortable bring your awareness towards the natural breathe

the breathe which is going in and coming out just observe now take a deep for long, slow inhalation deep for long, slow exhalation inhale and exhale from the belly as you inhale belly pop out as you exhale belly squeeze in now prepare yourself for the three time Om along with Shanti take a deep for long slow inhalation for the





Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your palm rub your palm place on your eyes feel the warmness very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti so Om Shanti to everyone today before you know start talking about the rules and regulation of the Ayurveda let’s start with

the literal meaning of the Ayurveda so Ayurveda I hope it’s become very much common now this word is very popularize everywhere all of you are aware of like ayurvedic soap ayurvedic toothpaste ayurvedic  face wash so many things everywhere this word is you know used by the  you know today media even pharmaceutical company are using this

word but do you know the literal meaning of Ayurveda so today session is about the meaning, definition the concept of the Ayurveda and what is a motto of the Ayurveda actually and why we need to practice the Ayurveda these are the questions which is you know haunting your mind disturbing you lot why we required these so much discipline

and natural yeah you required the natural way of healing the concept of Ayurveda talks about this thing but why we require it so today we gonna take these things, these questions and i I try my best to answer so let’s begin with the session with the literal meaning of the Ayurveda so Ayurveda the word this word is if you gonna break ayur +

veda which I have write it down on the board also you can see ayur + veda okey so the literal meaning of the ayur is like ayushman bhava we give the blessing in India you know always the elder give the blessing to the youngers Ayushman Bhava right so is like may you have long life so ayur means long life literal meaning is long life another meaning of the ayur is aliveness are really alive this is a another question what you

think you are alive aliveness means what when you enjoying each and every moment right you are into the action but half of the our mind is somewhere else only 20 percent we are connecting to the action walking, talking, eating taking the bath daily you are doing these action right day to day routine is action so are you really connected with

that are you really alive are you really enjoying your life so two meanings long life one long life with aliveness so may you have long life with aliveness another word you connect with health long and healthy life long and healthy life plus you should be alive towards believing how you call yourself your living being because how you perceive the

world right so either you can live your life like other animals are living or you can choose your own path you can deny the pre-exist notion of the society and you take the stand and choose your path and even if you opting the pre-exist notion or pre-exist you know path so you are more alive towards you are more conscious when you are walking on that path more connect so Ayurveda basically talks about the connection so ayur

next is veda veda you heard about it like there are four veda’s right four veda are very ancient scriptures very old traditional scripture more than if you ask me the dates approximately like 5 thousands more than 5 thousand year old scripture among them there is a athurveda which is the part Ayurveda is a part of the athurveda so veda all the veda and this veda the word is very important and very crucial this word actually mean

the wisdom the wisdom is very much practical this is not only the text like Ayurveda text you are reading it and you get the Ayurveda No this is the wisdom you are getting it the wisdom to seeing the world around you to perceiving the life observing the life and how you will get the wisdom you have there’s a procedure to getting the wisdom right the procedure what first how you get the veda like wisdom how you become wise so

procedure start with accumulation the information reading the information around you like how you get the information through the book through your parents your teachers your friends they are telling you right your uncles, aunts they giving you some information or the media those information you accumulate understand you listen it

listening then contemplating understand developing the understanding these information i have to use it or not then you gonna utilize it those information implement that is experiment doing the experiment that experiment when you are doing it you get some outcome experience good or bad doesn’t matter but you get something out of it that is your experience which is very personal very much personal

you cannot experience the thing until unless you are not implementing those things and then by repeatedly doing those things you’re quite the knowledge and knowledge give you the pragya that wisdom way you observing the things you connect with the things and you start seeing the reality around you you start observing the life around you  that how the water, the tree the everything is so important you can see the linked between this cosmo all the species of the planet are linked together

You gonna observe these things a wise man can observe these things not not literate person or educated or civilized person but a wise man so wisdom is a procedure, you so you become wise by observing the things around you by accepting the wisdom give you the acceptance you can understand the law of the nature and you don’t go against the law of the nature but you embrace that law of the nature that veda So veda is very much

practical approach very much practical it’s not like by reading it not just by reading it you get understanding of the Ayurveda you have to implement on yourself so Ayurveda is the wisdom of the human being which give how to live your life how you have to enjoy each and every moment how you can be become a life and live your life a text if

you taking as text a text which disclose the secret knowledge of getting the long and healthy life another meaning if you see Ayurveda as a text so Ayurveda so this Ayurveda basically the literal meaning of Ayurveda is this so now we have to move further

if you get the understanding of the literal meaning of the Ayurveda another question so another like definition we talked about now history of the Ayurveda let’s like take the glimpse the Ayurveda is very very old practice it is that much more that 15 thousand year old practice why because understand the you know when something is written is

available first many years it practiced by the people later on written forms come very later on so Ayurveda practice by the ancient yogi’s and even though ancient common man more than 15 thousand years old practice right the yoga when yoga is originated the same time you can see because all the human beings are connected to the nature

and they using the nature for healing themselves and that is Ayurveda the taking the hype of the nature to healing them the more connected towards the nature but that time no written text are not available because they don’t require it the understand the law of the nature A law of the nature is governing them they have more they have more

consciousness that what happened to their body and what by taking what they conquer themselves they completely connected to their body the founder of the Ayurveda is like it’s a that adinath yogi some text talking about this is the first founder of the Ayurveda is adinath yogi The Lord Shiv Lord Shiva who is a founder of the yoga ( Hatha Yoga ) is the founder of the Ayurveda as well but some in some ayurvedic text is mention that

Ayurveda is coming from the mouth of the Lord Brahma the brahma who is a god of the creation but actually yes nature has giving the energy if you giving the name as a shiva or the brahma but actually the nature taught you so these the very first and then it passes to the generation to generation later on but these are the two names which is

very common which is written in the text now why they require the Ayurveda why we required the Ayurveda what is a importance of the Ayurveda and ancient time and now what is a difference still we require the Ayurveda because why we are going to waste the time here right if not fit fulling or giving the benefit to us ancient time may be the

environment is different but what is a importance now why I should learn to answer this question you have to understand that because to bring the balance because there is always an imbalance when there’s an imbalance there’s certain kind of problem, chaos is going around you to bring the balance you required the Ayurveda and even to

practice the yoga to prepare yourself for the yoga your required Ayurveda in ancient time Ayurveda is a method for people to prepare themselves and preparation for what for yoga so they can go into the you know practicing the yoga to maintain the healthy and long life to get the long life and healthy life you required yoga So Ayurveda even in

the modern times play very crucial role because this is the only veda this is the only knowledge which talking about the harmony set the harmony between the nature and you talks about the connection unlike the other modern medicine which harming the human being as well and the nature as well I’m not criticizing them but I’m you know

depicting the actual picture in front of you so Ayurveda is the method with the help of the taking the help of the nature you can heal yourself you can connect to yourself Ayurveda you required because you disconnected to yourself and that is the main cause of all the suffering and the problems that’s why you formed the diseases, mental

psychological psychosomatic physiological level so Ayurveda basically bringing the harmony back within you as well that’s why you required the Ayurveda now we gonna discuss about the principle of the Ayurveda so the principle of the Ayurveda to maintain the health the Ayurveda most important you know path is to maintaining the health of the human being we already talked about the health, right so the health maintaining the

health is the most important part prevention next prevention preventing the diseases and last but not least finding the cure for all kind of diseases psychosomatic, physiological or psychological this is the main principle of the Ayurveda why the Ayurveda is focusing on the maintaining the health and giving the long and healthy life to the human being because they are the four purpose of the human being they are four

purpose of the human being which we gonna discuss in the next class in detail way you gonna understand that the importance why today even in the modern time we have to practice the Ayurveda and implementing on our self why we required and you also understand the ultimate like Ayurveda is preparing for you basically practicing the yog

and other things as well so in coming session we gonna talked about that as well so this is all about which we discussed we discussed about quick you know preview we discuss about the definition introduction I have giving to the Ayurveda history we discuss about it little bit definition literal meaning of the Ayurveda and the principle of the Ayurveda

which focus  focusing on the  human health preserving the health maintaining the health and finding the cure so let’s we gonna end the session here with three time Om and Shanti come into the sitting posture keeping your back, neck straight aligned, relax gently close your eyes take a deep breathe exhale inhale exhale now inhale for the Om……………………………




Shanti Shanti Shanti’hi

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with the great smile and say Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti to all meet you in the next session bye bye take care bless you.

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