Kedarnath Trip 2020

By Himanshu JoshiYogaKedarnath Trip 2020, Travel

Namaste to everyone now we are in Dhari Devi temple in Srinagar Uttrakhand so now are going to visit the temple we are going to take the blessings of divine mother and through this beautiful our video we are gonna shoe you the best of this place so let’s go and let’s see

So now we are going to Gauri Kund which is about to 4 to 5 K away so now we are gonna take a cab or probably if we can we will do track so let’s see we are looking for a cab and we are gonna shoew you lots of things

So now we are in Gauri Kund temple so here we have hot springs natural hot springs so we are gonna take a bath so that is very early morning we don’t need to do it because during morning it is very cold here we have decide to take a bath right now, weather is beautiful so I am gonna give you a beautiful view

So it is natural hot spring and it is very rare in now a days due to high construction in the mountains you can even see the vapour coming out from the water check out

So we are back and now we are going for our dinner, Weather is getting child slowly slowly we are already checked in our room and now we are hungry so we are gonna literally enjoy our meals so let’s go

Har Har mahadev so now we have covered half way of our tack to Kedarnath temple It’s been amazing experience tracking towards up and now as you can see over the board, so from here base camp is around 9 Km and Kadarnath is merely 10.5them Bheembali and small Lincholi

So we are goanna cover all the places soon aand we will be keep giving you an updates and beautiful views of the magical mountains. Now we have arrived in army base camps it has been wonderfull ourney it is so rejuvenating we are felling so blessed and we are quite close to Kedarnath Temple I am gonna give you beautiful view of snow mountains just right front of us let’s check it,

so something wold cordially suggest to all youngsters that whenever you visit Kedarnath kindly do the track by walk do not take mules or chopper because the energy you put to get here and one’s you are here it is fully rewarding and that experience you can’t get in chopper nor you can get in mules

so whenever you are here kindly do walk it doesn’t necessary to walk or run on the track just simply keep walking enjoy the track and very easily you will be here and it is fully rewarding

So if possible we will be experiencing an evening arti of Kedarnath Temple and definitely we will try to get you inside the temple to show how the daily worship worshiping takes place so I will catch you there in the temple so thank you so much.

Har Har Mahadev so now we have arrive in the temple so you can see the beautiful temple Kedarnath you can also check out the Snow Mountains, right behind the temple

Namaste right now we are in Bhairav Temple which is right above Kedarnath temple with in distance of around 800 meters so whenever you visit Kedarnath temple please visit here to experience beautiful view Snow Mountains

So I would like to sing few lines of one of beautiful song it’s from Kedarnath Movie and today we are in Kedarnath and so I believe it’s beautiful it’s meaningful, so here we go

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