Yoga Alliance USA Certified Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses Details

By Yogaonline courses, yoga, Yoga Alliance USA Certified Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses Details

Namaste to everyone i am yogi Himanshu founder of Himalayan Yoga Association in India and Bali Yoga School in ubud Indonesia i want to inform all of you that we have started our online certified yoga programs so now you can do certified yoga program with us through our pre-recorded yoga session

we have 100 hours course we have 200 hours 300 hour stores our classes are pre-recorded so you get this set of videos on each topic of each subject very neat and clean video with great teachings and with great explanation you can learn from the videos according to your own time zone according to your own comfort all

you need is to complete the contact hours with the videos at the same time you get 24 7 assistance from our late teacher we can contact you while what’s a video call to help out you with any doubt regarding any class regarding any teaching you can write us email and we are 24 7 available to assist you with the best answer

we also are providing you course manual pdf where all information of each subject each topic is available with proper instructions how to do the asana what is yoga what is philosophy on each topic of each subject you can also learn from there and this is a great opportunity for each of you course is in very reasonable price and there are also many

other benefits of joining himalayan yoga association and its branches so we hope you enjoy the course course is starting from 1st of august onward you can start in any time in any day and you can learn yoga you can learn how to live a balanced healthy lifestyle you can help people by learning yoga by teaching them yoga and you can live a life in peace and harmony

you can see the life in its beauty so that’s all about our online yoga teacher training programs certified courses for more you can go into our website you can go through extensively comprehensively in our website about our courses you can write us and we are always available to assist you best so i wish you all a wonderful day wonderful time namaste thank you.

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