Certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Rishikesh india

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Namaste to everyone I am yogi Himanshu founder of Himalayan Yoga Association we are located in rishikesh uttarakhand India i with my team would like to welcome you all in our beautiful Himalayan Yoga Association family Himalayan yoga association is about seven to six years old we are running our certified yoga teacher training courses in rishikesh India as well as around the world in many other countries same courses we do run our certified yoga teacher training courses yoga retreats as well as many other yoga workshops

So if we talk about our teachers team so we have a great team of teachers they all are quite experienced and they have done their master’s in yoga they did their certification yoga teacher training course with us Himalayan Yoga Association now they are serving here for around two to three years they are teaching with us in india and they are teaching for us around the world in many other countries

so our yoga teacher training course is hatha vinyasa flow astanga based yoga teacher training course in this course we work on an individual physical aspect mental aspect as well as spiritual aspect for physical aspect we have asana classes in which we offer hata yoga we offer vinyasa flow we offer astanga yoga in order to making an individual mentally strong

We have pranayama classes we have meditation classes and through yoga philosophy we give him deep insight of yoga practices in order to work on over his spiritual being we have japa classes we have mantra chanting classes we also do kirtan sessions coming collectively and chanting the divine mantras so that’s how we take this whole course for the whole month

So that an individual can understand the true depth of yoga so that individual can take the yoga as it is rishikesh as we all know it is world capital of yoga rishikesh is completely surrounded by great mountains and the holy ganges just flows in between the rishikesh which makes the energy of rishikesh very powerful all the great ashrams you can find in rishikesh we have so many yoga schools so many ashrams so many temples in rishikesh it is spiritual center of india it is the gateway to the himalayas

So this place has wonderful wibes it’s so powerful and in the asian time yogi from around the india used to come rishikesh to practice their austerity to practice spiritual practices to practice yoga and so on

So in between the course we do organize some other activities also so that our dear students don’t not get bored with daily intense practice we do organize for them cooking class in cooking class we teach them how to cook delicious indian dishes we also do organize traditional food eating so we show them we tease them how do we traditionally eat food in our family sitting all together on the ground and using our hands and serving each other

And that’s how the union in all the people can be understand and can be create we also do bollywood dance class to give them exposure of bollywood dance we do conduct many other activities time to time we do karma yoga sometimes we do volleyball match football match so that we can make our student completely feel like a family

So that we can offer them yoga not only on the mat but also of the mat so this whole course is very uplifting this is absolutely family here we do not treat anybody as a guest rather we accept them as a family member so whoever spent their month here definitely becomes the part of this beautiful yoga community himalayan yoga association community so that’s about our course and that’s how we lead this a month yoga teacher training course

Our management is great our kitchen team is great we have beautiful location peaceful location in the Rishikesh around six to seven kilometres away from the main town lakshman jula our beautiful school is surrounded by the mountains next to this school we have beautiful river flowing we have natural water falls around we have temples around

We have ashrams around so it is absolutely an ideal place for practicing any spiritual practice, practicing yoga or if you want to come here stay and want to do your own spiritual practices this is absolutely the best place so we look forward to welcome you all in our beautiful himalayan yoga association family

And thank you for listening us come and become a part of this uplifting journey we wish you all a wonderful day wonderful time keep practicing yoga keep stay keep healthy Namaste.


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