Parsvottanasana (Pyramid Pose)

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Namaste everyone welcome back to ashtanga classes, so today we will learn the next posture 

That is Parsvottanasana. Parsvottanasana is also known as pyramid pose so let’s begin the pose, now we will learn how we can go into the posture Parsvottanasana and how we will come back out so first take one feet distance come into samasthiti in the front of the mat

Ekam inhale send your right leg back you can keep the distance 3 and a half feet apart between your legs you have to properly square your hips turn your rotate your left thigh inside as much as you can turn with your left feet you have to just place your left feet slightly 5 degree’s in and your right toe will be facing front,

joined your both palms together from Namaste you have to make Namaste behind your back, I will show you how to make Namaste you have to Namaste like this If you have a hard, if you have a like so much a like stiff shoulder you can rest into lock your elbow like this if you can make then you have to make Namaste behind your back, open your chest so exhale band fully forward down try to touch belly on your thigh ,

chest on your knee, and chin on your shin and hold their for 5 count. 1,2,3,4 you have to maintain your balance and 5 Then inhale slowly come up and exhale change your side you can on adjust mode going to the left you have to just inhale come up front right and then directly bend go to left side 5 deep inhale and exhale 4 just here to feel the stretch come in front your calf muscles and your hamstrings 3,2 and 1

inhale all the way come up exhale release your palms into samasthiti so this posture it will increase the flexibility in your hamstrings and indoor calf muscles so practice this posture and you will achieve this. Just keeping one thing in your mind if you have a lower back problem and any type of pain in your lower back or back and any type of surgery so just avoid it, avoid this posture so Namaste everyone and just take care of yourself. 

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