Desire and Anger

By Yogaanger, desire, Himalayan Yoga Association

It is a natural human tendency to pine for what we do not have and there is nothing wrong in it. But when our desires take better of us, then we are landed in an awkward position. Your desire must be commensurate with your ability, capability, social and financial status. When desires are not fulfilled, frustration and depression set in, loading to various forms of mental unrest and body’s illnesses. Unfulfilled desires will take away peace, sound sleep, comforts, rest, enjoyments, etc. Impact of resisted desires is so severe on body and mind that, at times, incurable and irreversible symptoms surface, much to one’s chagrin. Reasonable and justifiable desire and the one which is easy to attain should, normally not upset anyone’s apple-cart but when the desires attain the form of obsession, they are condemnable. Lord Krishna said that desires are like in bridled horses which if allowed to go amok, would ruin the driver and the chariot. So, keep your desires fully restrained, as there is no end to desires- fulfilment of one leads to another desire; and the sequence goes on for a little eternity. Do not nurture or inculcate a desire which, if not fulfilled, could wreck your peace of mind. So, never allow your peace of mind to be shattered by unwanted desires. Why to have a sort of desire which brings, its wake, inferiority complex, mental agitation, depression, heart attacks and rise in blood pressure, headache, insomnia and digestive disorders. Weigh your limits first and then desire. Desire is an attribute of mind and mind will always try to drive even reasonable desires to passions, if not obsession.


Anger is the chief monster that causes tension, hypertension and heart ailments. When you all are angry your secretary glands have to overwork to cope up with ebullition of blood. Worst form of anger is rage which is a controlled and destructive form of anger. It may be kept in mind that, a match stick, before burning any other object, burns its own tip (mouth, head) first. So, when you are angry, your body and brain have already borne the brunt thereof. When you get angry and pass on your reaction to another person, often your entire body corvulness and shivers with excitement Hypertensive persons generally run into angry bouts. Angry outburst creates more enemies, makes you unpopular, people shun your company, your companions abhor you. You may score a temporary gain by your angry behavior but, ultimately, you are decided loser, Frayed tempers have failed to solve any problem. Anger is an expression of frustration, dejection and a run-down state of your mind. If you wish to remain in peace and also not disturb others’ peace of mind, don’t be angry. Anger can dispel havoc and cause untold problems at your place of work, as your disordered behavior shall not be tolerated by you colleagues and superiors. Most shall not be tolerated by you colleagues and superiors. Most of the murders occur in fit of rage when sensibility, wisdom and reason are relegated to the back seat. Anger has disrupted and shattered the atmosphere in many families – let not your family be one of them, though hopefully.

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