Use of Magnets in Yoga Props & Magnet Therapy

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Use of Magnets in Yoga Props & Magnet Therapy

I have deliberately named them as ‘Ready to use Magnets’ because you do not have to bother much about their upkeep and use. They are made for specific applications meant to be applied on relative diseased organs and can, in addition be used be anyone who suffers from a particular disorders. All the requisite safeguards have also been provided instructions given clearly, leaving no room for any confusion. Moreover, they cover most of the common diseases which torment many modern persons. Since time is the biggest constraint and daily pell-mell of routine chores do not leave much time to a man to attend to the physical problems.

Name of Magnetic Device. Where to be used:

  1. Head Belt : Complaints of head, brain, forehead, occipit such as headache, migraine hemicrania, insomnia retardation and mental weakness. 
  2. Throat Belt : If applied around throat it will curse enlarged tonsillitis, inflammation, sore-throat, mumps, malfunctioning of thyroid gland, throat irritation etc.
  3. Blood Pressure Belt : It is useful in both high and low blood pressure. If applied to  wrist, it will normalise pressure of blood.
  4. Belly Belt : This belt useful for intestinal disorders colitis hernia, stomachache, renal colic, sciatica and also uterine diseases and provide healthy life, freshness and youthful appearance.
  5. Knee Belt: It is preffered to knee-belt by foreigners. Provides relief in swelling in joints and muscles. Muscular pains, swelling in knee-joints and their muscles.
  6. knee Cap : It provides relief in muscular pains, arthritis, swelling and stiffnesss of knee-joints along with pain in knees.
  7. Cervical Collar : General weakness and pain in upper portion of back, pain below neck, pain in neck muscles cures cervical spondylitis, supports neck bones and muscles.
  8. Cervical Spondylitis Belt : It is especially designed to cover the entire region of cervical vertebrae, useful in cervical spondylights, it also supports cervical muscles and bones.
  9. Lumber Spondylitis : This is designed particularly to cure about all disorders of lower back lumber region of spinal cord, slipped disc, reduces extra fat and removes obesity. A boon to ladies after delivery and/or operation.
  10. Electro magnets : Useful in all acute and chronic diseases of bones, skin, severe pains, backache, asthma, gout, sciatica, general pains swelling and stiffness, fractures etc.
  11. Ceramic Magnets : Especially useful for use on delicate parts such as head, face, eyes, ears, throat, cheeks of infants children and adults.
  12. Premier Magnets : It is pair of magnets which, if applied locally, on affected parts (arms, shoulders, neck, back thighs, knees, bones and injuries etc.) will go long away in ameliorating most of the complaints connected with such organs.
  13. Medium Power Magnets : Especially useful for children upto the age of twelve years, who suffer from eczema, boils injuries, diseases of bones, rheumatism, arthritis, stiffness, toothache and sewllings etc.
  14. High Power Magnets : Suitable to adults of both the sexes who suffer from backache, arthritis, cervical spondylitis, diseases of bones,injuries, swellings, sprains numbness, polio, rheumatism, sciatica, eczema etc.
  15. President Magnets : These are applied for curing chronic numbness in adults and paralysis.


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