Pollution & Weather changes

By Yogapollution, pollution effects, weather changes



Due to rapid industrialization and changed life-style, our demands are rocketing to the skies. The factories that process goods for our use, churn out soot, dust, smoke and many poisonous gases and chemicals which not only pollute air and water but also vitiate entire atmosphere as a whole. Chemicals, released into rivers which are sources of drinking water.

Due to poisonous impact of chemicals even rare breed of animals is virtually on the verge of total extinction. It is well known factual truth that certain animals help in maintaining ecological balance in the nature. Green pastures, fields, trees, and other plantations have given way to concrete structures where entry of pure and fresh air is not possible.

Poisonous gases emitted by vehicles is also a major cause of spread of diseases pertaining to respiratory organs, cancerous growths, eye troubles, skin infections, various allergic conditions. The offenders and law violators are allowed to go Scot free or with minimal fines.

Human health continues to suffer as long as such offenders enjoy impunity from exemplary punishments. In Eastern and Southern states, even ordinary houses have greenery and have kitchen gardens, coconut, banana, papaya trees which go a long way in rectifying the health damages, wrecked by outside polluting effects. It will stave off mosquitoes, germs and insects and also keep to supply oxygen to the family and neighbors.

It is a welcome sign that masses, in general have awakened and realized the need to maintain the ecological factors well-balanced. There are more patients in big cities and metros which are abodes of pollution. The trend has to be reversed failing which entire human race will have to bear the brunt of pollution, spread by various sources. When water, air and atmosphere are poisoned, no man can avoid the ravages wrecked on innocent citizens, for no fault of theirs. When the vegetation are nurtured with polluted water and air, their produces will also be polluted ones.


Weather Changes


Since ecological balance has been disturbed profusely, climatic changes are order of the day. Sudden change in weather conditions suffices to cause heat stroke, diarrhea and dysentery, cough, colds, influenza, other chest infections and their impact is so sudden and so severe that an affected person cannot take any preventive step. Weather cycles have changed everywhere and weather man’s forecasts generally prove wrong.

Such forecasts are no indicators to a helpless person to safeguard himself from anticipated dangers. Use of air-coolers and conditioners has further added to the dilemma of the common man, as exposure is a common spectrum which spells out so many diseases. We cannot change the weather but we certainly can safeguard ourselves from such impacts. Keeping an umbrella can protect you from heat and rain.

Covering the head can minimize chances of any heat or sun stroke. Exposure to direct sun-rays or to cold winds is an invitation to climatic disorders. Keep yourself fully covered in winter and put on cotton clothes in summer as they absorb heat and keep the body cool whereas synthetic clothes neither let in nor let out fresh air. When a person, migrates from dry weather to wet weather, he should attune his dress and eating habits to the inmates of the place where he has migrated.

Within a short period he will acclimatize himself to the changed environs. Nature, in her wisdom, changes water and air suiting a particular regions and to defy the laws of nature is not in the interest of any individual who, himself, is a product of nature. Weather is only one facet and aspect of nature.