Dietary indiscretions and relaxations

By Yoga

Most disorders stem from indiscriminate and wrong use of foods. When taken is moderate quantity and at specific times, the consumed food serves to keep our body healthy but, when we relax our options and enlarge and fatten our diet menu our problems multiply. As already mentioned earlier, too much eating leads to following disorders:-

(1) Digestive disorders such as indigestion, gastritis, colic, gastralgia, burning in food pipe (acidity), constipation or else diarrhoea or dysentery.

(2) Hypertension, headache, arterio-sclerosis, coronary heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, urinary and kidney problems, insomnia.

(3) Inability to stand weather fluctuations and sudden variations in temperature. 

(4) Sudden changes in mood, behavioural disorders, mental agitation, irritable temperament.

(5) Tendency to sleep during day and keep awake at night. Sleep cannot be induced by taking sedatives.


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How to overcome the problem 

Simple solution is to say ‘No’ to what you do not wish to eat, not fall to temptations and persuations, however well directed and intentions they me be. Be bold to refuse taking any food that does not suit or be overpowered by pseudo social culture and etiquettes.

Remember, if you even fall it, only you will undergo sufferings of agony and discomfort. There should be no inhibtion and hesitation in refusing harmful, untimely, unsuitable foods that seem to disturb your normal eating pattern/habits. If you are sticky and steadfast, you cannot be insisted upon against your will. Once people get accustomed to your food preference, timings and punctuality, they will hardly dare to take liberty with you, in proposing anything against your will and choice.

Overeating is the main cause for diabetes, high blood pressure, various heart problems, indigestion etc. Remember, we are what we eat, because body develops and complies with its demands by food intake. If food is not wholesome, well-balanced and nutritious and tasty, body would be develop revulsion and repugnance to such foods, thus leading to its inability to absorb certain juices which help in digestive process.

Foods served in social gatherings and functions are an open invitation to over-eating. Served foods are tempting and inflate our taste buds. What is generally is required is often not served and, what is not required is available in plenty. Now, in such a situation one has to be choosy and selective. Chief criterion should be what actually suits us and never what is served. You can always make a judicious choice in selecting your food prefrences. Following points may go a long way to put a damper on our avarice to overact. 

(1) You should know fully well what suits you and what not. If suitable foods are not handy, it is always better to forego the same. It should not be forgotten that overeating leads to many health problems but undereating or total avoidance will hardly pose any health problem.

(2) Stick to your dietary pattern and schedule. Food, taken at odd times, is replete with dangerous health problems. You can always stick to your timings when at home, but when you are travelling, or attending a party, your schedule is liable to be disturbed. In travel, lay stress on fruits only, avoiding juices, cold drinks, food varieties and other harmful tempting foods. It possible, home-cooked food will spare you from expenses and indiscreet eatings.

Certain persons have been to sticking to their normal food, even during travelling. At social functions you can always make an excuse that your doctor has warned you not to eat anything outside your home. In such a situation no save and sensible person would say or do anything that may prove to be detrimental to your health.

(3) Total quantity of food intake must never exceed what you normally eat and also that, calorie-intake also does not exceed.

(4) When you chew your food properly, you will consume less in more time, thus allowing your digestive organs requisite rest also. When food is gulped down the gullet, there are always chances of overeating.

(5) After taking hot and boiled food, avoid taking cold water or cold drinks. A cup of tea or coffee or any other hot beverage will cause no disturbance to the stomach.

(6) If your schedule time has been skipped over, better take leave of your hosts, return to your home and have usual light diet, may be a slice of bread, cup of tea / milk.

(7) Avoid taking tea or coffee at bed-time, instead a cup / glass of milk be taken which will induce sound sleep. 


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