Systems of Treatment

By Yogasystems of treatments, treatments

All the systems of treatment aim to help the patient to have relief from the physical disorders, in the minimum possible time and without shelling out much money. But, sadly, the actual purpose was relegated to the back-seat and the money factor became predominant. As the time passes by, patients efforts to find alternative, cheap, effective and time saving therapies are rentless. His main purpose to run after and seek relief from alternate systems of medicine or from non-medical devices is to save and spare himself the agony of torture and frustration.

Various therapies, in alternate systems, have been successful to win his favour and patronage and, in certain cases, startling results have been reported. In our country, home remedies managed to take care of most of the common disorders and one had not to run better skelter to seek relief. But, in those days, time played hardly any role. Social and professional engagements were also specific and limited. An individual’s general resistance to many diseases were exceptionally strong, diet taken was fully balanced, there was no air, water, vegetational, industrial and moral pollution. People were simple and innocent.

Even usual bland and simple diet served their purpose which we now cannot derive from all the sources, even it combined together. Man lived in the lap of nature and whenever he fell ill; he cured himself with natural foods and methods. The process of rapid industrialization has played harvoc with our life style, as a result of which every man has to work like a machine.

Machine was invented to take care of needs of the master but the trend reversed when man had to yield to the dictates of mechanised culture. In taking care of the machine, man forgot his own comforts, requirements, social obligation, culture and civilization, and fell a dismal prey to his own creation. The fall out of such a reversal is not fat to seek – mushroom growth of hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, alternate therapies, self-styled doctors and quacks is a living testimony to man’s and miserably shattered health, despite so many and so called modern medical facilities.

Corrective and remedial steps taken, so far, have failed to provide any relief to the common man who is still at the losing end. If this world is not to be converted into a veritable grave, pace of multiple reforms has to be rejuvenated and expedited. Suffering masses, gasping for fresh lease of life need to be looked after with a humane and sympathetic approach failing which they will have no way but to resign themselves to there terminal ends. Constantly rising population has added to the woes of common man and the planners.

When people imbibe the habit of suffering in silence and self-brooding, the planners prefer to adopt an apathic  attitude. Our purpose is to provide some relief to the milling and suffering multitude so that they could, at least, cure some of the diseases at no extra  or much cost, but utility of modern systems of cure cannot be denied. They have been playing their role since long to provide relief to the suffering persons.

But costly modes of treatment are beyond the reach of the common man. So, it won’t be out of place to furnish some of the salient features of almost all therapies and let the reader decide his option.