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Allopathy is the only medical system which has no rival as far as official and state patronage and elite class preference is concerned. Its main thrust is on objective, subjective symptoms, chemical tests, various diagnostic methods, host of medicines to choose from. Since, it has come to stay in our country, not only elite but even the poor and working class opt for it.

It is due to the fact that apart from state and industrial patronage, it has maximum number of hospitals, research institutes, diagnostic centres, clinical laboratories and ultra-modern scientific apparatus, specialists, to each and every part of our body-system. Relentless and sustained, research work on new surgical methods and medicines keeps hopes of people alive all over the world.


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As far as surgery is concerned, no other partly can vie with it. But the million dollar question remains unreplied, viz. was surgical approach or preference was not the last resort in certain cases or whether any attempt was ever directed to finding a viable alternate solution (that is were other systems of alternate medicine given a fair trial, before opting to the use of knife ?) All said and done, allopathy has no rival in surgical field, as yet.

Allopathy is an easy option for the patient due to the fact he has a lot of medicines to choose from and most of the drugs are freely available at all the sales outlets where, even prohibited medicines can be easily procured, even though and often at exhorbitant rates. Indiscreet use of allopathic medicines by patients, of their own will and volition, and above all, without consulting any doctor, is a potent public hazard which needs to be curbed ruthlessly.

The patient’s knowledge is generally dependent upon the advice and experiences of his relatives and friends, novices who do not know even the basics of medicines, what to speak of side-effects and other complications. It is quite dangerous to be one’s own doctor and if the patient chooses to tread the path, he has to blame oneself and none else. It is imprudent to find fault with the system or its various methods and medicines.

Following suggestions may be help while deciding to have allopathic treatment for treating a certain disorder. A cautious and guarded approach should always, be preferred and opted for : 

  1. We revert to our earlier argument to the concept of a family physician whose advice and guidance can always stand in good stead. He keeps a record of each and every member of the family, is aware of sensibility, times and conditions of aggravations, allergies, nature, age, sex, temperament, etc. of each every member. He has simply to assess the case afresh, in the light of new symptoms. He will also guide you about cheap and reliable chemists, laboratories, referral institutes, utilize his influence to get you expert opinion at reasonable charges, can prepare your case history, etc. He will save much of your effort, time and money and prove instrumental in letting you have cheaper, reliable, dependable, prompt and precise treatment either at his own clinic or through expert advice of his experts. So, instead of running from one place and doctor to another, have a family physician who, hopefully, would never let you down even in an emergent situation. Concept of family physician applies equally all other systems too.
  2. Never use any drug, even if that be a tonic or an eye drop or skin ointment, of your own. If you develop side effects/reactions, even your family physician may not be able to help you.
  3. Always confide in your physician and never conceal any fact, with regard to your illness and habits, and if you act otherwise, you will do so at your own peril and risk.
  4. Do not make your home a storehouse of medicines or a mini chemist shop. There is no harm if certain branded preparations, likely to be of use in case of diarrhoea, headache, mild fever, wounds, muscle relaxants, mild analgesics, first-aid kits, electoral powder, glucose, vitamin-C, etc. are kept handy. But, squeeze out sometime for seeking guidance from your doctor as to the method of their use, and utility. In this regard, your chemist must not assume the role of a guide or advisor.
  5. Never administer any medicine to anyone else of your own, even in good faith because the person concerned may develop instant reaction  or allergy to a particular ingested drug. Your sympathy and prompt medical aid, however sincere that be, can dispel disaster for you and the other fellow. In certain cases, launching of legal proceedings is an almost certainly, especially in fatal cases. An unqualified person is not supposed to prescribe any scheduled drug which may any risk factor apparently.
  6. Let not Iron tablets, M.V. and B. complex tablets, antacids decorate your dining tables. If anyone, in your family, needs to use anyone of them, let that be stored by him.
  7. Never take anti-biotic tablet or infection, any pain-killer, anti-constipational or anti-diarrhoeal drug of your own, nor should it be given to anyone else. You are generally unaware what else your friend had taken, if at all, before meeting you. If you also give your own medicine, there can be drug-interaction/reaction of which neither of you may be aware.
  8. No medicine should be taken or given in cases of any heart problem, high or low blood pressure, collapse stage, diabetes, cancerous states, venereal symptoms, pregnancy, in mental and psychic upsets, epilepsy, infancy, in respiratory complications, etc. excepts of course, when directed by a qualified doctor.
  9. No allopathic medicine should be given with, before, during and after another treatment. Let the attending doctor decide the course of action and treatment.
  10. All allopathic medicines, and for that matter all other medicines must be kept away from reach of children. No medicine be ever used after the date of expiry or kept or exposed to in damp, snowy, heat conditions.
  11. Never start two different lines of treatment simultaneously.