By YogaASANAS TO CURE THE DISEASES, diseses, how to cure, yoga asanas

Hereunder, we are giving a list of asanas which are useful to cure a particular disease. The disciple / practitioner can perform and choose from them, according to his need, capacity and convenience. Asanas for most common diseases only are being mentioned against individual diseases.

  1. Cold : Sarvangasana, Halasana, Shirshasana.
  2. Cough : Matsyaasana, Janushirasana, Supat Vajrasana, Urdhavajerasana.
  3. Asthma : Shirshasana, Shavaasana, Sarvaangasana, Matsayaasana, Supatvajrasana, Shalabhasana, Ushtraasana and Ujjayi Pranayam.
  4. Diabetes : Dhanurasana, Matsyendraasana, Naukaasana, Surya Namaskarasana, Sarapaasana (Bhujangasana)
  5. Stomach Disorders : Sukhasana, Padmaasana, Bhijangasana, Ardhachakraasana, Uttaanpadaasana, Shalabhasana.
  6. Liver Disorders : Mayurasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Shirshaasana, Shashankasana, Halaasana, Ushtraasana.
  7. Mental Tension : Trikona, Hal, Vajra, Shava, Garbha, Shashaasana and Sarvaang Asanas.
  8. Nervous Debility : Hala, Chakra, Dhanur, Garbha, Vajra, Shiersha, Sarvaang, Shalabh, Pashiumuttaan, Shashaank, Asanas.
  9. Nervous Tension : Shava and Koorma Asanas 
  10. Insomina : Hala and Shirshaasana, Sarvaangasana, Sheetal and Sheetkari Pranayam.
  11. Hypertension : Shashaank, Vajra and Pawan Mukta Asana.
  12. Kidney Problems : Oordha Matsyendra, Ushtra, Bhujang, Gomukh, Shashaank, Hala and Dhanur Asanas.
  1. Obesity : Trikone, Paschim Uttan, Dhanur, Hala, Shalabh, Sarvaang, Paad Hastaasana, Nari Shodhan, Udyan Baudh Asana.
  2. Pain in Joints (Arthritis) : Trikone, Santulan, Gomukh, Sidha, Natraj, Veer, Vrikhsha and Setusandha Asnas.
  3. Back Pain : Chakra, Dhanur, Bhujang, Mayur, Shashanka, Vajrasupta, Padma, Trikone, Utkat, Nauka and Pada Shalabh Asana.
  4. Rheumatism : Dhanur, Padam and Vajra Asanas.
  5. Spinal Disorders : Hala, Dhanur, Chakra, Bhujang, Sheersha, Vrishchik, Shashank, Ushtra, Pashchim Uttaan Asanas.
  6. Gout : Dhanur, Paschim Uttan, Pawan Mukta, Trikone, Parvat, Gomukh, Ardha Matsyendra, Janu Shir Asanas.
  7. Sciatica : Vajra, Gomukh and Hanuman Asanas.
  8. Constipation : Tarha, Chakra, Janushira, Mayur, Bhujang, Dhanur, Bhoomi-Pada-Mastak, Supta-Vajra, Karna-Peerha, Pada Hasta, Matsya Asanas.
  9. Worms : Nauka, Vrishchik, Matsyendra, Mayur, Sarvang, Shirsha, Pashchim Uttan, Asnas.
  10. Acidity : Shalabh Asnas.
  11. Sour Eructations : Bhujang Janushir, Chakra, Ushtra, Hasta-Pada-Angushtha, Pashchim Uttan Asnas.
  12. Frigidity and Sterlity : Bhujang, Shirsha, Pashchim Uttan, Sarvang, Matsaya and Supat Vajra Asanas.
  13. Weak Sexual Power : Chakra, Sarvanga, Garurh, Vatayan, Bhujang, Pashchim Uttan, Shirsha Asanas.
  14. Coryza : Shirsha, Hala and Sarvanga Asanas.
  15. Throat Infections : Singha, Sarvang, Shirsha, Hala, Chakra, Bhujang, Supta-Vajra and Matsaya Asanas.
  16. Menstrual Disorders : Hala, Dhanur, Shava, Vajra, Sarvanga, Bhujang, Matsya, Parvat, Shalabh and Shirsha asanas.
  17. Piles and Fistula : Sidha, Gomukh, Bhadra, Chandra Namaskar, Janushira, Sukh, Sarvnga, Uttan Pada Asanas.
  18. Fatigue : Preta, Shava, Matsya and Dand Asanas.

As for practice of asans is concerned, it is advised that some authentic book is situated, and its contents fully digested and assimilated. To begin with, the prospective adherent must seek guidance from a yoga expert who would clearly explain the Do’s and Dont’s of relevant and requisite asanas, with special reference to a particular disease for the eradication and cure of which a particular yogic asana is desired/recommended to be practised.

The asanas which we have referred to, in relation to particular disorders are called ‘Swasthya Asanas’ which are secondary to ‘Dhayana Asana’ which enjoy superior status because the latter ones aim at controlling wavered tendencies of mind, aid in controlling the mind, meditation and concentration.

For the efficient and proper performance of all the swasthya asanas, which are meant for the proper maintenance of body in healthy stat, only yoga teacher can guide.