Top 5 Best Yoga Apparel Brands For Making Yoga Comfortable

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Choosing Yoga as a way of life is one of the most incredible choices you will ever make in your life. As you start this inner journey, moulding you into the best version of yourself, it is recommended to make some basic preparations that will go a long way in helping you to achieve the best of this ancient practice. It is recommended to practice yoga on empty stomach and empty bowels to avoid any discomfort during the asanas. Eating healthy and staying hydrated is also recommended for best results.

Choosing the right yoga apparel, for example, is important to feel comfortable in your skin while taking those yoga classes or even at home.  The fabric should ideally be sustainable, low maintenance and at the same time of good quality.

The way serene surroundings add to the benefits of Yoga, comfy-fit and good clothes catalyses the experience. Although putting on bare minimum clothes during Yoga is considered good but with so many people around and that too from different cultures, it may not be possible for many practitioners.

It is true that fewer clothes allow the body pores to breathe in, a kind of air bath, in modern times there are many aspects of clothing that people are required to keep in mind. Looking trendy, fashionable, smart and presentable have become as important as comfortable.

As the body is made of five basic elements of earth, water, fire, air and space it is important to keep it in harmony with the nature. Fabrics like cotton are considered good for yoga and allow the body to interact well with these five elements. They not only soothes the skin but also absorbs the sweat and protect the skin by allowing the air to seep in. 

One should make sure the outfit shouldn’t be too lose or too tight. You definitely do not want your movements restricted because of the incorrect fit. You may also do not want to be embarrassed by wearing loose tops that flop over your head and make you uncomfortable or leggings that expose body parts you would rather keep covered.

Also, you must pick clothes that suit your body type and give you good support as you stretch your body and attempt to get that angle right. The material of your yoga apparel is equally important as it should be breathable and not something which stores body heat, making you excessively sweaty. Inner wear like the right vest or the right sports bra should also be not ignored and chosen wisely as per your body type.

There are some brands that come up with excellent products for overweight or obese people.  So, go for outfits that make you feel completely at ease and thus helping you in focusing on getting your asanas right instead of worrying about the clothes slipping away here and there.

Eco-friendly comfortable wear by PrAna


Yoga also teaches you to think beyond you, about the community, the planet and for the well-being for others apart from you. Making your choices on basis of if they are good for environment or not is one of the ways to think about world at large.


pranan yoga clothes


If thinking about the planet’s sustainability while working on your body and mind is something that appeals to you, PrAna a leading activewear company offering a range of comfortable and stylish yoga gears that would make you feel at ease during your yoga sessions. PrAna’s green clothing is made of materials like organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester etc.

One will have a range of choices from comfy leggings, sleek crop tops and stylish inner wear to choose from.


Style meets comfort: Alo Yoga Leggings


Like individuals, our motivations are different. While doing yoga, one must feel confident about the body. If the right clothing brings you the confidence, your practice will get better in no time. If your yoga gear is as fashion perfect as you look on other occasions, it definitely boosts your motivation to perfect the practice.


alo yoga women leggings


If you do not mind shelling few extra bucks for looking fashionable while practicing yoga comfortably, Alo Yoga clothing might offer you tempting options. Their range of stylish leggings are made of breathable material which will even make the most intense of yoga sessions a breezy affair. Besides being a good investment in a quality product, their yoga wear especially leggings can team up quite well with casual wear. Depending  on your requirement you can choose from a wide range of yoga apparel from extra soft fabric to snazzy designs, stretchy fit, zig-zag designs to the fabric that supports your muscles while doing the strenuous poses.


Afforadable Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks And More: Gaiam


There may be a gamut of clothing brands out there to choose, but one that is a combination of affordable, qualitative and reliable will often find more favour among yoga enthusiasts than others. Over a period of time, some brands win you over with their range of products and become your favourite. Gaiam Yoga is one of them for sure.


giaiam yoga clothes, mats, blocks


Gaiam Yoga products are quite popular among beginners with their decent quality and variety. They offer a range of affordable products from yoga blocks, yoga mats to clothing. Their yoga mats and blocks are particularly trusted by many yoga practitioners.


Soft, comfortable and for all sizes: Beyond Yoga


Yoga is more than just asanas. It needs you to connect with yourself and one could only do that when comfortable in own skin. Beyond Yoga run by women, has gained the reputation over the years of making extremely soft, comfortable, and durable athleisure.


beyond yoga


From leggings, crop tanks, joggers, sweatshirts to maternity collection, one can choose from a variety of yoga wear. Moreover, the brand also makes sure to offer a wide range of sizes up to 3X so women of all sizes could conveniently fit into them and feel royal. The idea is to make women feel beautiful inside and out. The added perk is that even the long-term use doesn’t affect the look and feel of these clothing items.


Premium, luxurious, and comfortable: Lululemon


Just like constant practice of yoga makes it an important part of your life, comfortable clothing becomes an integral part of your life if you find the right brand.

Lululemon hasn’t made its name in athleisure segment without a reason. Buying a Lululemon yoga outfit may feel perhaps like indulging a bit more than required, but the loyal customers of the brand swear by its top-notch material which retains its soft touch and shape even after multiple washes. Their products are something which you could you use outside your yoga classes too. Whether you to want to sleep wearing them or hang out with friends in them, they look fab as well as super comfortable.


lululemon yoga


Investing in the right clothing be it inner or outer wear is important if you have chosen yoga as your lifelong companion to keep physically and mentally fit. There are a numerous brands available in the athleisure or activewear segment, and depending on your individual requirement you could choose what suits you the best.

Beginners in yoga could start with affordable yet comfortable wear and once they move on to perhaps advanced levels, they could go for one of the premium products that make stretching easier and also do not wear out after multiple washing.