What is Urine Therapy (urotherapy)? 10 Ways to do, Benefits and Precautions

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Urine has been a source of healing since times immemorial and its practice is not merely a conceptual entity rather it was used to prevent and cure even the incurable disorders. In modern times, this inexpensive, natural and ready to use therapy has made some headway but due to the slandering information spread by vested interests, it could not find general acceptance.

Its opponents took advantage of the repugnance as a vehicle to deride this unique therapy with the result that even the true followers and prospective adherents were obliged to have a second thought.


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Aim and Object : Basic tenet of urine therapy lies in the basic factor that urine contains all the essential healing and curative elements and properties which are necessary to root out the underlying cause of any disorder and urine being a product of the body itself, is capable of divesting the body of all the poisons/toxics lying latent in our body.

When such toxins are expelled from an infallible remedy and cannot be proved wrong then it is necessary to know the safeguards and do’s and don’ts with regard to this therapy.


Benefits & Precautions of Urine Therapy


  • Urine is a nectar of life. Its importance lies in the fact that it has been mentioned in ‘Shiv Puran’, ‘Mahabharat’, ‘Bible’, etc. Shivambu chikitsa spells out vividly how, why, when and where urine should be used.
  • It is equally beneficial in acute and chronic diseases.
  • As one has to drink one’s own urine and thus, there is no chance of any infection and side-effects if used as per the established guidelines.
  • Urine purges out all the poisons from the body and thus helps to restore health, without any cost or extra effort as one doesn’t have to go elsewhere to procure it.
  • Urine therapy not only recommends use of urine as a potent vehicle for rectifying disorders but it also eulogises urine massage which helps to throw out various toxins through skin.
  • Drinking urine (first urine in the morning), keeping fast on urine alone, and massaging the whole body with 5-6 day old urine, using urine packs etc.


10 Ways to Use Urine or do Urotherapy


  1. Get up early in the morning and pass out urine as usual. For deriving optimum benefits one should pass out the first and last part of the urine, using only the middle portion of the urinary stream.
  2. Wash your head with urine, or still better deeply massage your scalp vigorously until the urine gets absorbed fully.
  3. Wash your eyes with urine.
  4. Insert 4-5 drops of urine in each ear.
  5. Take 5-6 fully sterilized glass bottles and store your extra urine on day one, to be followed by storing of urine in each bottle, marking each bottle suitably with the proper number. The contents in each bottle are to be used for massaging purposes. For instance, urine stored in the first bottle should be used for massaging the body on the 5th day, then urine kept in the second bottle be used after a gap of 4 days and so on. Remember the older the urine, the faster and better the results.
  6. During the course of urine therapy do not eat or drink anything. If you wish you may take plain water as often as you require. It is advised that boiled water is used. No cold drink, coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, spices, and condiments, fats, meats, vegetables and fruits are to be taken. Initially it may look to be a bit difficult to live on urine alone. Fear of weakness is more psychic than real.
  7. If, however, you cannot live without food, you may have some milk, fruit juice or even vegetable juice but it must be bland and fresh. At night you may have 5-6 pieces of dates boiled in milk or a TSP of honey with lemon juice. In our opinion honey and lime juice will suffice to meet the body’s demands on food, even though taking any urine therapy is prohibited.
  8. No other medicine should ever be taken during the course of urine therapy. If taking of any medicine is a matter of compulsion then suspend the therapy which could be resumed after the malady has been cured.
  9. Persons with cancerous growth hypertension, cardiac problems, liver disorders, renal disorders, etc. are advised to practise urine therapy under the guidance and supervision of urine therapists only.
  10. Do not get carried away by misleading averments and observations of critics. Only your abiding faith will stand you in good stead by gradually building up your confidence. But, do not feel discouraged if there is some more time taken as compared to other cases.