Instilling basics of yoga early on

By Yogabasic yoga, introduction of yoga, yoga

Small drops of water make an ocean. Life is also like a mammoth water body that collects every nugget or drop of experience in its belly and gives birth to our current reality. It can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle where only one piece can be seen in its entirety unless we find all the pieces. While seeing the complete picture is not in our hands, making every piece of the puzzle worthwhile is in our control.

Childhood is the perfect time to work on a person, to imbibe the right samskaras that become the building blocks to adult life. A calm, collected and focussed mind is not achieved in a matter of days, weeks, or even months. It’s a lifelong process and the intention has to be set at the beginning of life itself.

Yoga should be introduced early on in life if one aims to lead an awakened, calm, and even successful life. As a child learns to control the breathing patterns and exhale the worries, insecurities, and complexities of life, the first step towards a rich life is accomplished. These small lessons in yoga make sure the child is able to bridge the gap between the inner life and external life effectively. This habit of disciplining the minds in a young age matures into an intrinsic defense mechanism that could ward off anxiety, stress issues later in life.

Chanting is a good way to start. The mantras have a soothing effect on young minds. They can be introduced at bedtime which will also improve the sleep quality of young children. Saying mantras produces positive vibrations and balances breathing. Similarly, listening to bhajans, shlokas and other such calming music soothes the brains of hyperactive children.

Doing breathing exercises before studying, taking examinations, or participating in a competition can reap better results. An anxious mind, a non-disciplined approach, means not applying our potential to the fullest. The future is full of uncertainties and inner confidence that can come only with a relaxed mind is as important as outer appearance.

Once these practices are wired in our brain, it is trained to respond to future events in an effective way.

A child who realizes the importance of inner life at a tender age would only work towards the elevation of the mind, body, and soul upon growing up. By living mindfully, one could deal with the ups and downs of life with ease.